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  1. Dan D90

    Securing lights !

    Hey Steve, They did not get much use, the truck is used off road 95% of the time and hardly ever at night. when they were on I was happy with the output, nice and bright good coverage. They were fitted when i purchased it, Given their price tag I will be replacing them with something cheaper due to the lack of use and how easy they are to remove! In fact i am now reluctant to add anything to the truck that cannot be wielded on!
  2. Dan D90

    Securing lights !

    Thanks for the replies, all advice is much apricated. Since the main suspect is a local defender owner I'm not going to report back with what I plan to do. I naively thought my location would make this kind of thing very unlikely, however, it seems there are scrots lurking everywhere! Thanks again
  3. Dan D90

    Securing lights !

    I woke this morning to find some B*startds has stolen all the lights off my defender (WIPAC LEDS). My dog must have spooked them as they left one of the headlights hangning! I live it a sleeply village so i am abit shocked this has happened, although given how easy the lights are to remove i should have expected them to disapear. I have a suspect who i will bee keeping an eye on ! I would be intrested to know what people do to secure thier lights? I was planning on just drilling out the end of the screws to slow them down long enought for me to open the door ans set the dog on them fllowed up by and introduction to MR Baseball bat. Any better ideas?
  4. Unless you are going to do the work yourself, (which I guess you’re not otherwise you would be able to answer this question yourself) surely it would make more sense just to find one that was in good shape? Or is the truck yours and you are trying to work out its value? Personally I would not even entertain buying it as I would have to pay someone to replace the bulkhead. There is probably also lots more rust that you have not seen yet, rotten doors and corrosion on the body mountings etc. I would guess a bulkhead would cost in the region of £1,000.00?. Finger in the air with regards to fitting! Probably another £1000 if you are paying someone. Lets imagine the truck with no rust is worth £4500?? To entertain buying it you would want to get it for less than £2000 IMO, even then you would have to be looking for a project! I would guess most people looking for a defender would not be interested in this at all. But that’s just my opinion. If you are looking to buy it and this is your first defender i would advise you not to bother, look for someting with no rot and an MOT, rotten bulkhead and chassis are the ones you want to walk away from. Dan
  5. Dan D90

    Electrical problem

    not sure if this is correct,just grabed it via google !
  6. Dan D90

    Electrical problem

    Are all the indicators working OK? I had a similar problem recently, it turned out to be a bad indicator connection (rear). After swapping the indicator and rewiring with the OEM plug all worked normally. Before discovering this I replaced the flasher relay and hazard switch, neither resolved the issue thus why i checked the wiring, strange that is caused the hazard switch not work work but it did.
  7. Dan D90

    Leak into footwell

    Local windscreen fitter quoted me £90 to refit with a new seal + additional sealant, he says he has done a few defenders and if you don’t bother sealing them they very often leak! Tempted to swap the screen for a heated one while it is out!
  8. Dan D90

    Leak into footwell

    Mine leaks mainly via the windscreen too and finds its way into the footwell. Even thou the seal looks as good as new, sealant during installation seems to be the best option. It looks like it gets in anywhere/everywhere and then just runs to the lowest point, I have checked all around the seal on mine and I can see water all in every place I looked, just peel back the seal and take a look, if you see water then it's getting in: My door seal also used to leak, like V8 Freak said, its a bad fit around the kink, in my case the rubber seal was not a very tight fit, probably due to being removed and put back on a few times. A new seal plus a bit of dumdum fixed this issue: On the picture below the red lines indicate where the water comes from on mine, there is a channel the length of the dashboard which the windscreen seal sits above, water collects in here and builds up until it runs out of one end into the footwell, also under this there is another channel where it runs to from a leaking vent (i have this too a small degree also). I hope to be leak free one day
  9. Dan D90

    No Hazards or immobiliser!

    10AS is back up and running now, it was the central locking motor as I suspected, it seems it is getting covered in water, it looks like the water is seeping along the wires to a point where they join with bullet connectors. Waterproof connectors should resolve this. However, my indicators/Hazards are still dead. I can hear & feel the relay click when the indicators are activated but nothing happens. However, when I arm the immobiliser all indicators work fine. With this in mind is it the relay or the switch? The switch does look a little worse for wear. thanks Dan
  10. Dan D90

    No Hazards or immobiliser!

    Thanks Guys, it is the 15A fuse under the drivers seat box that has blown, its the one for the 10AS. I replaced it but it failed again right away. The only think i can think of that might be causing it is water in one of the central locking motors, i will disconnect them and try again when i have some more fuses
  11. Dan D90

    No Hazards or immobiliser!

    I’m hoping someone can point me in the right directions to an issue that I have probably caused! Here is what I did: swapped the cigarette lighter for a USB connector (seemed to work OK) change the bulbs in the dash (disconnected the two connectors that connect to the instrument lights) disconnected a rear indicator. (maybe reconnected the cables the wrong way around) After putting everting back together i seem to have totally lost the immobiliser, central locking, hazard lights and indicators! Very odd. I have disconnected the USB and indicator however the issues still persist. unfortunately that is all i had time to check before it got dark. She still starts which i was surprised about given no immobiliser! Could i have blown a fuse or relay that would cause all of the above?? Any ideas? Thanks Dan
  12. Dan D90

    Land rover key blanks

    The keys arrived today, they will do aa cheap spares, the handle is made from thin plastic and would brake if you trod on it. I guess you get what you pay for.
  13. Dan D90

    Power for central locking

    thanks for this, technozen_electronics from ebay did a grate job programing my 10AS for central locking as provided two addtional fobs. Its all now working using the one oem fob. Thanks Dan
  14. Dan D90

    Land rover key blanks

    Thanks, I think this will do the job.
  15. Dan D90

    Land rover key blanks

    Thanks Red, however i was hoping to get a branded one, but not at £50!

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