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  1. Right so the carb is clean, the tappets are done. The engine sounds sweet... The exhaust however sounds..
  2. Not got it on road at mo as doing seals on bits.. So have floors out.. I need to have a proper look at it rather than a few minutes here and there. Just can't see how or where air might be getting in.
  3. Carb investigation just done, so with choke full open on start it's actually a little worse. Then when up to temp I put the idle mix fully in and it runs lovely, when I turn it out slightly it starts popping.
  4. Def got both the little fasteners out. Damn spring being completely fudged on it...
  5. Anyone know how to remove the winch drive shaft, I have a new spring arriving but the thing is solid, have taken two grub screws out but it won't budge, lubricant and rust inhibitor added too, still no movement
  6. Rain has properly stopped play, it's something I'm going to look at Sunday pm after I'm back from a fishing trip in Devon.
  7. Does the peddle come back as expected, if yes, replace the flexi hose between the slave and the clutch itself. It may have collapsed internally. £8 fix if that's the culprit
  8. Decided to clean up the winch I have, so have redone the gasket on the underside. And thought I'd clean the base, ended up. Taking it off and doing a proper clean up and will then paint it up.
  9. Webber 34ich was fitted by a previous owner, so it is only idle you can play with.
  10. Not tried that to be fair.. As didn't have alot of time, just hoping I've not fudge the float level
  11. If lean its acting like rich which I know it can do. Hoping no leaking. Guessing a potential leak could be anywhere on the carb to inlet or on the inlet to engine.
  12. So the carb is clean and the truck starts on the button, but the engine is now hunting, could (if the mixture is right) the float be a bit squiffy now that I have cleaned it up and replaced the needles??
  13. Pahahaha... I definitely taped up... Haha
  14. Another post another picture or two. Tidied up the front of the chassis where visible. And also put first coat of paint on the tailgate hinges. Colour match is good too.
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