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  1. Everything worked fine garage had bled them as I thought one needed new shoes when I first picked it up. Wanted it given a check before i drove it
  2. Was thinking of replacing all the slaves, have moved the truck and can't see any sign of a leak and the res is full not lost any liquid.
  3. We moved house just before lockdown so the s2 got left alone while we did renovation and then lived in a bit of a building site. Got to work on it today, brakes completely lost pressure and also now i hear a pop when the pedal gets to the full down position. I replaced the master cylinder when i got it in aug 18. Was bearmach not britpart due to recommendations to steer clear of bpart. Could it of failed due to sitting doing nothing?
  4. I fitted a new battery yesterday but now the radio flicks on and off after starting the truck. If i turn it off and leave it for a minute, then turn radio back on it seems happy. Anyone had this?
  5. Fixed!! Double lockes the car. Left it 20 minutes, unlock and its started forst time no issues
  6. Sorry was a ranty annoyed first post.. Uts an 61plate fl2 standard specs. no satnav etc. Dash not lighting up fuel gauge not springing in to life. Radio comes on. Eco button lights up. But no attempt to start at all
  7. Morning all Was out in the car yesterday, parjed up on drive last night, come to move it off the drive this morning ready for a delivery, key in, radio came on, dash showed nothing. Put the clutch down, pressed the button and jusy a humming sound, nothing else. Ideas welcome. My head is thinking starter motor or battery not enough charge..
  8. @jessejazza my top cap on the rocker goes into the air pipe and into the carb. The zenith would of had a separate inlet for the second pipe. So at present its just sat in the engine bay and not alot comes outbor goes into it.. Joys of newer carbs not having the ports the old ones did
  9. This is an image of the pipe its just ended with a small amount of pipe. So no real way of it getting into the intake. I think its meant to go into n way valve somewhere.
  10. I have a late s2a, the engine has a weber 34 ich carb fitted, the pipe from the oil fill pipe goes nowhere. Just ends next to the carb with a bit of hose on the end, not capped. Guessing this would of gone into a solex at some point. Is this something i need to worry about? The fact it does not join to anything. I have the breather from rocker cover to air filter.
  11. Dropping into a mates garage with it next week to fix it up.
  12. This is what I'm hoping as it's been a bit intermitant recently
  13. The motor turns freely. And I was getting a spark when touching the battery then nothing. Will have to chat to my mate who's an electrician and see where it's falling over
  14. Anyone know where I can find a round fan motor, that's won't cost me £100. Unsure if the bushes or barings have gone, had to give the whole unit a tap to get the fan spinning, now I'm getting nothing, have taken it off the truck to check, worst case its a new motor needed
  15. Haha yeah okay you get it... And well now, the brake pedal flew to the floor, its not been driven for a few months whilst I have been working on bits. So guessing air has got in as the level is still full. Will have to bleed to find the culprit corner.. The fun never stops ha
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