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  1. 2a-Egg

    New user new 2a owner

    This was the issue with the clutch, a perished/collapsed flexi hose. Cheapest fix I will ever have.
  2. 2a-Egg

    Series 2a door seals

    Oem are available and will be bought
  3. 2a-Egg

    Series 2a door seals

    Spoke to the supplier and they will take them back and refund full Amount. As not fit for purpose Will then get the OEM ones and hopefully they will fit.
  4. 2a-Egg

    Britpart - The good and the bad

    Fitted door seals on my series 2a and now have to force the doors shut. Rubber is unbelievably solid
  5. 2a-Egg

    Series 2a door seals

    There is a thread?? 😆
  6. 2a-Egg

    Series 2a door seals

    Oem are 100£ a door I think. So might have to take off and send back and hope they swap and refund the crappart seals.
  7. 2a-Egg

    Series 2a door seals

    Not at all lol, I didn't know it was until it turned up... Fitted and its solid. Really mad to try and close the doors.
  8. 2a-Egg

    Series 2a door seals

    Hmmm wasn't expecting oem vs say britpart to be much different when it comes to rubber hardness?
  9. 2a-Egg

    Series 2a door seals

    So last weekend I set about fitting new door seals, got both doors off and the old perished seals off, got the new ones fitted doors back on and then could i shut them, jeez it was like id fitted solid steel seals. I had to put all of my weight and more into it. Now concerned that opening the doors this weekend to do nlre work means I'll be struggling to shut them again. Any tricks to soften the rubber up...
  10. 2a-Egg

    Series 2a clutch

    Check the flexi hose that goes between the cylinders. My clutch wouldn't return correctly, it would take 10 seconds or more, the flexi pipe had corroded and fallen apart inside itself your leg has the strength to force the fluid through but clutch doesn't on way back up
  11. 2a-Egg

    Front rocker cover bolt leaking oil

    So re seating and putting a bit of well seal on has worked but i am going to get new gaskets and seals i think. Might aswell replace it all with new then i know it should all be good
  12. 2a-Egg

    New user new 2a owner

    Got the degreaser out and gave the engine bay a bit of a clean, I've replaced the heater fan in the cab as the old one was warped and catching, also I thought the roof was rattling around the tailgate so checked it, found the two rear bolts were loose and no middle bolts or front bolts around the base where it meets the body of the car. All bolts tightened or added so now not rattling there. Unfortunately the chap who helped do the brake master cylinder bent the metal mud guard and its actually ripped the inner wing which now has two holes where the bolts should be to hold it on, sothe mud guard is now off, and to be fair it neede replacing, two big holes in it.
  13. 2a-Egg

    Front rocker cover bolt leaking oil

    Cheers, took the bolt off to check it today, not looking great so will replace, put it back on with a little bit of well seal just to stop the majority of oil escaping
  14. 2a-Egg

    Front rocker cover bolt leaking oil

    Will. Find out when I investigate.
  15. Any ideas why / how oil would be getting out of this, looks like its being pushed out when the truck is running..

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