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  1. Might just replace it, then I know its solid atleast
  2. When I've been under the truck the tank seems and sounds solid.. Currently it's ¾ full too so can't take the sender out and torch it to see how bad it maybe.. I do think it got left empty for a few years so if it got condensation in it then its going to be a bad thing.
  3. Yeah definitely did its job... And until I replace tank it would just fill again...
  4. Ooooo Crud... In every sense of the word.. Took fuel pump off and found a full bowl, of crud with about 2cm of fuel in it.. Put the new one on and can see what looks like little bits of rust. So yay looks like I need a new fuel tank now.. Slowly working my way around the issues haha Photos are back to front though for some reason
  5. Let's hope by now the smell had gone..
  6. New fuel pump bought ready to go on.. I will find the cause of this stupid stutter Hahaha
  7. Hmmm. It's started and spluttered to a halt on Thursday evening. The thing is just here to test my patience I think. Its probably me who has created the situation, rebuilding the carb, giving it all new shiny parts.. Its got overwhelmed..
  8. Cap off, looks brand new everything... Got the earth of starter motor and its cleaned up and a good connection now. Old coil put back on, I'm gonna go head bang a wall now hahaha
  9. In the dizzy? Think I'm still having to go round and replace as I find issue haha fix one thing break two others
  10. It Could be the carb as I did overhaul it, but Sunday it drove fine everytime I started it up. And yes it splutters when at idle when it's doing what I described above. I will have to check all earth straps then. Not done so yet.
  11. Omg my truck needs a slap. Started up this evening beautiful, got to the farm turned off, did a few bits in yard, loaded the tub and started again, idle was awful, charge light on dash fading in and out, but drove lovely, stopped to open a gate, idle por then cut out, started it up idle poop shut gate it cut out.. Then each Time I started up again it was poor idle. I have recently changed coil a D ht leads. Could I just have bad leads / coil. I've got battery out and going to give it a good charge incase its low. Just seem to go forward then back more currently
  12. So the second image, I got a hammer and chisel to it to see if it was just rust. It's solid, and mean I didn't even make an impression on it. Solid metal lump. Who does that!!!!!
  13. I've been under it as the oil is self lubricating the chassis. There is a hole in the front fuel tank out rigger, but everything else seems solid, but definitely need to do a proper check all round. most areas are still red paint. So not come through that if rusted
  14. Would anyone looking at the photos of these hangers thi k the whole chassis needs replacing? Another forum I am on has a motoring section and one user has said that the chassis is shot and I should buy new. I've not had a chance to look at the whole thing but other areas are solid..
  15. I'm in the south west. Somerset
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