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  1. Dropping into a mates garage with it next week to fix it up.
  2. This is what I'm hoping as it's been a bit intermitant recently
  3. The motor turns freely. And I was getting a spark when touching the battery then nothing. Will have to chat to my mate who's an electrician and see where it's falling over
  4. Anyone know where I can find a round fan motor, that's won't cost me £100. Unsure if the bushes or barings have gone, had to give the whole unit a tap to get the fan spinning, now I'm getting nothing, have taken it off the truck to check, worst case its a new motor needed
  5. Haha yeah okay you get it... And well now, the brake pedal flew to the floor, its not been driven for a few months whilst I have been working on bits. So guessing air has got in as the level is still full. Will have to bleed to find the culprit corner.. The fun never stops ha
  6. Right so I've had a good few hours today on the truck. And I have sorted a few bits that were not working, and sorted the points issue. The issue was the points were slightly bent and touching the base of the dizzy so shorting it all out and..
  7. It started when it had the other points and condenser in, so it's there that it's gone wrong. Either new parts don't work or I've shorted it somehow.
  8. Had the dash out this morning to check connection to ignition, all fine but noticed the fuel guage and wipers weren't getting power. So re seated fuses and they came back to life. But still don't seem to be getting a spark. Next is to put the old condenser back in as the one supplied is made by ****part.
  9. Mines later points. Not got the screw like this
  10. Unsure I even saw a plastic spacer whe taking off/putting new on. It's a later dizzy I think as it just slides between a metal clasp not screw on to points
  11. Correct. It's been running rough but started up. So I renewed the points and condenser, and now it just turns over and no spark. I need to properly look at it. Could be something I have done. That is the most likely cause.. Me haha
  12. have changed leads and plugs a few months back then I did the coil, then the rotor arm and now the points and condenser. So not all at once, just listed out what has been changed. So I'm thinking the brit part condenser could be a culprit. Or it's going to be user error and I've done something simple wrong. New coil is lucas ( just read your first comment through) will have to check it all again tomorrow when it's not raining. Got rained off a few times today
  13. Have had both on. Unless the new one I've put the +- the wrong way round like a fool. Or the points are positioned wrong..
  14. This is the new points and condenser in. Old arm when image taken.
  15. Turns over but no bang.
  16. Haha yeah all connected even the arm. What does the insulator look like / where does it sit? Is that the lead from dizzy to condenser? It turns over. Just not getting spark. Had plug out to check and no spark.
  17. Right so I have chanhed Coil Leads Points Condenser Plugs And now no spark, so no brum brum... I've also now snapped a spark plug when undoing it. The car started absolutely fine before I changes the points and condenser. Also I replaced some switches on the dash before I did the condenser etc so could I of knocked a cable of blown a fuse.
  18. Cheers, have sent message on
  19. I can't edit the post so have done in the quote.. Damn phone keyboard and fat thumbs...
  20. Ahhh I kissed placed the or lol.. It's a series, that's the way right.... Spluttering fuel eaters
  21. But I like the original feel, which is my downfall haha
  22. I am based near the super mare of weston... Would be grateful of any help, I'm unsure if the float on carb is stuck down or just needs adjusting, but it's very rich at idle.
  23. New tank bought, not fitted yet, fuel filter and pump fitted. Speaking to a mate today who is a mechanic and he thinks it's the carb float. I've rebuilt the carb and I think that maybe the underlying issue. Will have to take the carb off and see what's going on. Think at idle to much fuel is getting in..
  24. Might just replace it, then I know its solid atleast
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