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  1. So the oil is coming out of the rear corner of the sump or looks that way, the runs down to the plug and drips. Is this just where it hasn't sealed properly or is there potential of the krankshaft being a bit drippy?
  2. Well my luck with the sump gasket change has run out. Oil coming out the rear on the sump, I might of made that out of my own doing, by possibly putting to much oil in as it was on low so topped it up but now its sat on or slightly above high. Will clean it all off and then check the bolts haven't worked loose
  3. @lo-fi thanks for all that information, will come in handy. Next thing, what oil do people use in their air filters?? I never changed mine when I cleaned it as didn't have any. So 15/40?
  4. Last night I had to sit doin bugger all for 15 minutes for it to start again... It has to be the carb causing the issue, it is dirty so might be worth taking it off to clean, unless there's a way of cleaning it whilst in situ?
  5. Ah okay, well it seems to be running okay, and doesn't smell rich, only time i get a plume is on start up so possibly just the carb being junk...
  6. Think there is only a idle mix setting on it, as I have tweeked that, but if there are potential heat issues on restart thats a pain in the rear... Also going a little crazy, where is the float..
  7. Yep. Unsure if your response there is good or bad haha
  8. So looking at this, is this what it should look like.
  9. Ha, you make it sound so easy....
  10. Got a mag tray so thats all good. Truck sounds great now and runs good. Just doesn't like restarting, so seems to be flooded when trying to start after a journey.
  11. Ah man... Don't like the sound if that.. Taking carb apart
  12. So she runs well now after I have tweeked the idle. But...... It is still running rich.. Timing seems to be okay, so what might be causing the over fueling.
  13. Sorted it, the small brass plate wasnt making a connection to the bulb housing. Simple fix.
  14. This evenings fun.. Only problem i have is the bulbs don't sit right, twist in then push back out too far, i have to push the side light bukb back in a little for it to come on. May I have the wrong style bayonet? The at 12-6 and sit Right at the base of the metal. Pic of the modification I had to make due to non round holes
  15. How easy is timing to sort? I might be able to get hold of a strobe.
  16. Right im going with mechanical then as i can see anything that woild suggest an add on. Never played about with a carb before. So this could be interesting.. I know the timing os a little off so might get that sorted, then look onto the carb..
  17. Choke looks to be, thr the plate is vertical if I take the air intake hose off to look, can see the jet of fuel when I rev too. Not had carb off or checked float, carb was replaced by previous owner, unsure if they just put it on or did any kind of setup with it. Unsure if pump is electric, not looked into that and unsure what im looking at to be honest, will have to check manuals to know.
  18. The smell and smoke out the rear end... Oh, and thecsoark plugs are black dry and sooty
  19. Yeah choke pulls fine. So possibly the float but I don't know what im looking at so wouldn't be able to say yes or no to that.. Trying to get stuff I can sensibly do myself done
  20. Right so the truck is back together as sounds brilliant, starts better than before but is still over fueling. Im unsure if my carb is doing anything when I play with the mixture screw, what else (apart from timing maybe) would cause it to over fuel?
  21. You've definitely said it in a thread recently as I have read it
  22. All back together now. Used well seal on the gaskets but thinking that was a bad idea as I think when it heats up its starting to smoke a bit, its not exhaust fumes as its not instant from start up.
  23. New exhaust gasket bought, new studs all round too. And inlet manifold cleaned up
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