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  1. I've just traded in my much loved TD5 for a Freelander (no laughing please) but during the 6 years I had it ,it was used every Saturday as a shooting vehicle during the season. When you get all gear from 4 or 5 passengers in the back and others as well, it can be a right pain separating out all the stuff between drives. So I made this shelf that sits on top of the 2 rear seats or cubby boxes if you have them. It worked extremely well for me with the guns and coats on top and all the other clobber, food, ammo, boots underneath. So I thought I would share the idea in case it's useful to anybody
  2. Thanks Gentlemen. Appreciate your comments. I'm inclined to agree that there has been a spare due to the witness mark, but this foam insert is an absolute perfect fit and after a bit of Googling this insert does show up under Freelander 2. So I'm pretty sure it's from a late FL2 just not this one. I'm probably going to get hold of a 17" wheel + tyre and jack and see how they fit in the well. The odd thing is I haven't had to change a wheel on the roadside for nearly 50 years, but I just feel more comfortable with a proper tyre and not a 'Slime' Repair kit.
  3. Well I'd be very surprised if it wasn't as it's an absolute perfect fit in the well.
  4. I've just bought a 2013 FL and it has foam insert tray under the boot liner (see attached) with a 3rd party tyre repair inflator. My question is what else is missing? I'm assuming a jack and a couple of wrenches and a bottle of sealant. But what is the point of a jack if you're not going to change the wheel? Strangely on the underneath of the boot liner is a round, tyre size witness mark that suggests a wheel or rim has been sitting there. I am a little confused as there is no way a spare wheel can fit in there with this foam insert. Appreciate any suggestions from seasoned FL owners.
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