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  1. When I test fitted the cable I realise now that I didn’t consider the mounting, just that the ends fitted and the throttle body was not on the car, yesterday I went to fit it and found out there is is not enough inner wire from the mounting bracket to the throttle body. Not very pleased with myself...... The search for a suitable cable continues........might go to speedy cables
  2. Well the cable should fit fine, I’ve only done a quick mock up with it as I’ve decided to change the cam. Radiator was pretty well worn and I decided to get it re-cored which is taking forever. When I get it back I will bed the cam in with the carb manifold on, then proceed with MS. Bit a of long explanation for I think the throttle cable should fit fine, and only 49p!
  3. Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures Dave, appreciate that, and for everyone else’s taking the time to reply . While I was looking at P38 cables I came across NRC 8116 which is a throttle cable for a 2.25 petrol, it has the correct ends and is 49 pence on the Bearmach website..........I’ve ordered 2!
  4. Escape, the problem is at the throttle end where the end of the cable terminates in a barrel nipple. Talking today to a chap who restores pre war motorcycles I asked him how does he source the correct control cables, ‘simplek he says ‘I make ‘em!’ So onto his recommendation to a company called Venhill They supply kits for making cables https://www.venhill.co.uk/cables-amp-components/car-cable-kits/universal-car-throttle-cable-kit-ven-ukccblack.html Or parts to modify existing cable like this https://www.venhill.co.uk/barrel-nipple-38in-od-x-12in-bn1013l.html I'm n
  5. Morning, I have a 1993 factory V8 90 and I am about to use one of Nigel’s Megasquirt kits to fit a Thor manifold to the old 3.5 V8 engine I'm in the process of gathering as many parts as possible before I start. Now the question I would like to ask is the throttle cable end on a Thor is different than my current engine, I’m hoping that there is another Defender or Land Rover throttle cable that would be a straight swop I wonder if a Defender 50th has the correct end, I want an end like the picture below Thanks
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