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  1. Yes that's right, this was back in October when we were allowed to travel. We went to an event run by the British army motorsports association. Such a well organised event with very sensible covid safe measures.
  2. I've done 5000 miles in it so far and I'm so pleased with it. It went through the MOT last week with no advisories which was nice. I have had an error code for one of the glow plugs so I ordered some new ones, but I've heard horror stories about them snapping in the head so I'm yet to decide whether I'm actually brave enough to try and replace it.
  3. It's hard to be sure from the poor photo but it looks to me like the stub axle is still attached and the hub is missing. If the outer bearing was absent then the only thing holding the hub in place would be the brake disc in the caliper. I'm guessing the brake disc eventually gave up, the hub drifted off the end of the stub axle and then the half shaft snapped when it was loaded with the weight of the vehicle?
  4. He wasn't driving a series, it was a Disco1. A bit more info here: https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/news/grimsby-news/amelia-wood-inquest-drivers-tears-4903460
  5. I like the Ctek chargers, I have one permanently installed in the camper van. The best price I've found for Ctek chargers is from Halfords with a trade card. I've decided I want to get a Ctek MSX10 for the workshop, which is on their website at £93.20 with the trade card but it's out of stock at the moment.
  6. Well I haven't done much towing with it yet but I did move my sister's horse trailer and it was effortless. The engine has so much talk I didn't really notice it was there. On another note we did a run from Oxford to Dunfirmeline at 70mph all the way (on cruise control), we then competed in a two day on and off road navigation event and then drove back home via the lake district and averaged 32mpg, which I was very pleased with.
  7. I see this all the time on the way to work in the early mornings when its still dark. It's quite dangerous on an unlit fast A road with no rear lights showing. I was driving in the fog the other day (during daylight) and the problem was much worse, most of the traffic only had DRLs on (no rear lights at all). I assume that the automatic headlights detect that it's daytime but don't know that visibility is poor and people are so used to their lights being automated that they don't think to check what lights they are using?
  8. I removed the digital speedo drive from a disco 1 box and found that the square drive cable on my 90 was too large to fit the "digital" gear. I had to remove the gear housing and replace the gear (which I planned to do anyway to correctly match the tyre size). So I assume that the digital speedo drive gears are not compatible with the cable drive gears and visa versa. However, as posted above I suppose filing down the cable is another option.
  9. I also assumed that Ashcrofts was the company in question and I was thinking that's a shame as they always used to use only quality parts, so I can't blame Dave for being a little upset and I'm glad he decided to clarify the situation. I agree in that not naming a company can actually lead people to make the wrong assumption which is of course worse in the long run. I'm in flavor of sharing experiences with companies both good and bad.
  10. I just did a bit of research, turns out its a common problem on track cars when they remove the air-con to improve airflow performance but then find that the fan runs continuously. The PWM fan is a brushless motor with about a dozen windings and its own built in controller so you can't make it run without an appropriate PWM signal. I could have generated my own signal but I think the solution I mention in the video is a tidier option. It's a seriously powerful fan when it gets going at full speed. The engine also had a viscous fan fitted in the BMW in addition to the electric one, I have remov
  11. I've covered nearly 1000 miles now since the conversion has been on the road. Still plenty of little things to finish off but I'm really pleased. It has totally transformed the land rover and it's such a pleasure to drive. Here's a quick walk round video and short test drive.
  12. I used the original mount on the transfer box side but had to modify the original gearbox mount to fit it to the adapter plate as I think it is designed to work with the later 300tdi, mounts but that was pretty straight forward. The HGA type gearbox box is hard to find and it's quite expensive because it's sought after in the BMW world for manual conversions. If I were doing the conversion again I would consider a later engine with the wider bolt pattern as although the electrics/software is a bit more complex the later gearboxes are really cheap and easy to find. Yes they come up on ebay
  13. I just found these photos which show the mounts in situ.
  14. Aircon would be great, I doubt I'll ever get round to it though. The pump could be relocated on the engine to clear the steering box or you could use a p38 steering box outside the chassis rail. I've kept all the parts from the BMW just incase but I don't have the aircon dash for the 90 and I hear they are difficult to get hold of. For the mounts we did indeed manage to avoid welding to the galv chassis. On the drivers side we made a bracket to bolt onto the existing chassis mount plus we drilled an additional hole in the chassis. This bracket then bolts to the BMW rubber/hydraulic mount
  15. I fitted the mount between the transfer box and the chassis in the normal position. I set the engine so that the bottom of the sump is level horizontally with reference to the chassis rails. As you lower the front of the engine to get it level front to back the alternator just about comes into contact with the chassis so I had to lift the front of the engine ever so slightly to provide some clearance, so it's not totally level in the front to back direction. If I were doing it again I would take some references from the centre of the crankshaft before removing the old engine, which would make
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