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  1. SamW

    Deep water

    Well it’s certainly taken me longer than I would of liked but it started today. Any you were right Western, very satisfying getting it to start. I took your advice Monkie and went for new injectors all round. All in all I ended up doing new conrods and pistons cam followers re-machined head new injectors new starter motor new glow plugs Timing belt and tensioner ancillary belts new timing cover Now need just change a couple of hose clips and fill up with coolant. Thanks to everyone for all the advice, between you guys, the walk throughs on here, asking my neighbour (mechanic) to check things from time to time I have come much further than I ever expected. Really appreciate the help so I’m sorry to ask again, but... How should i run it in? Im planning to do couple of hundred miles of flat and gentle 30 mph road driving then bit less at 40 ish and then take it out for few longer runs starting to build up spreed and duration. I’ll change the oil at about 500 miles and check the magnetic sump plug regularly until 1000 + miles in with out issue Sound about right?
  2. SamW

    Deep water

    Nice one gents. Thank you for the advice Head back from the shop looks mint. far to tidy to be going in my truck! Looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow, maybe just maybe be able to start putting parts back on a opposed to stripping more if the day goes to plan Will read properly through the intercooler thread, I can see the sense here especially as I’ll be putting more pressure on it than my dad did
  3. SamW

    Deep water

    Thanks Steve b, there’s my next task to check. I’ll get my read on this evening, hopefully I can do this with engine in situ.
  4. SamW

    Deep water

    To be honest it’s two fold for keeping it going as is. Well im a fairly handy chap my engine experience limited and from motor cross bike And from what I was told this is a good engine to learn on. The other side is, I inherited it from my father (was his pride and joy) at the end of last year and well I’m up for making it more prepared for how I will be using it it just didn’t feel right to rip it’s heart out at this early stage especially when the damage was caused by my own foolhardyness. I have to admit that if I extent of what I’d need to do I would of given it more consideration but as I’m now into it not allot of choice but to forge on.
  5. SamW

    Deep water

    Oakmaster, I couldn’t ageee more. Priceless advice and confidence building too knowing I’m not completely nuts doing this as others here have done similar and by sounds of it with similar experience.
  6. SamW

    Deep water

    Thank you gents however the more that I clean/inspect the more questions I have 🤦‍♂️ So well I’m in there I’m changing all rods and pistons, injectors, glow plugs, fuel lift pump, starter motor (just as it seems sensible to do it well I can get to it easily), boost diaphram. Intend to get new timing other belts to redo at the same time. Along with the head works above is there anything else I should be considering doing at the sametime (engine is still in the vehicle)? I have also found some wear on the cam rollers, is this normal? Have popped a picture of the worst offender. Should this lead me to check anything else? I’ve ended up allot deeper (in cost and ability) in than expected but also want to make the most of the opportunity well I’m here. As always any advice greatly appreciated.
  7. SamW

    Deep water

    Fab thank you, no idea of what it takes. They seemed very sound but with nothing to gauge against I thought worth being sure.
  8. SamW

    Deep water

    Thanks Western. It certainly has its daunting moments but when I break it down task by task and do bit of research it’s certainly do able. Just almost fell off my chair when the head skimming costs came through. All in 380 (but fair bit more than just a skim, details in the pic) can anyone advise if that’s a fair cost? Thanks again
  9. SamW

    Deep water

    Well it’s taken me a while but finally started putting it back together. No. 4 had a cracking bend in it so I’ve taken the chance to change them all as well as pretty much everything I can well I have access to it. Taking ages, but learning allot and enjoying the process. Thanks for all the help.
  10. SamW

    Deep water

    Right, definitely time to think. I like the idea of doing this myself however currently painfully slow as reaserching/reading up at each step. I’m loving doing it and it seems a good engine to learn on however (as I’m fairly used to being in life) out of my depth and for example without reading up I wouldn’t know how to recongnise if my prop shaft needed machining or not. Well im fairly comfortable with the prospect that I knew when I put it back together there would be high chance of having to redo some of my work, if nothing else I feel that’s part of the learning process but this job is definitely feeling less and less of one of learn on. I really want to keep this engine if I can and if it’s feasble complete the work myself. However at those sort of costs there is a company not far from me who will collect and pop a reconditioned 200 or 300 taxi in for 1400-1600 and as much as I really dont want to do that I also want to be able to enjoy driving it. There’s plenty of other work to do on it to keep me entertained after the engine is sorted but well I enjoy working on it my young kids don’t see me where as love to join me on trips out on the local lanes 🤔🤔 time to think thanks for you responses gents
  11. SamW

    Deep water

    Also (sorry) if I’m going to change rod or two should I be changing anything else (baskets etc aside) well I have it all open? I will be checking for other defects I can see but more question regards should I for example be going over the valves etc or changing anything else to make the most of my opportunity?
  12. SamW

    Deep water

    I have found no signs of water in anything but did have to get it back nearly 60 miles so thinking it may of dried out as does seem very typical damage. Only thing I can think of is I have found three small holes in the base of the filter housing which would of been below water level so although snorkel breathers etc all in place and appeared ok I was let down by a fix put in place to reduce the oil in the air filter. didnt stall but as I was re-emerging from the depths as I got to axel depth I had to drop the clutch and give it a load of revs to keep it going and it was briefly sounds horendous. currently enjoying the challenge and learning allot and if I’m honest expecting my fair share of issues along the way but hopefully they just add to the learning.
  13. SamW

    Deep water

    Good morning all i hope you’ve all had a great Christmas. So looks like bent rods on 1 and 4, not measured just from eye but will give it a clean down and proper measure before I drop the sump off. Really appreciate all the help so far. Way to go to get back on the road so may take the opportunity to do a few more jobs wel access is easier. Ill no doubt be back with more questions soon thanks again sam
  14. SamW

    Deep water

    Filter was dry. Will I get away with either buying new injector or swapping two over to confirm if head needs to come off (seem reasonably priced and easier than getting to test place for me and don’t have kit to do compression test)? if it’s a con rod, is that engine out or can can I do in situ? thanks Sam
  15. SamW

    Deep water

    How would I check that? Wasnt any in sumo when I drained the oil i will pop them out this week and have a look see.
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