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  1. Hello all, I am a new member of this forum and I have been having a problem with my 2002 Td4 Freelander. About 2 months ago, as I was driving home, strange thumps appeared below my feet (around the engine bay, transmission, clutch, I'm not sure) and I could feel them on both the gas and clutch pedal. It got worse, it was as if you'd hit metal with a hammer - I thought half the transmission would fall off! With thumps and force on my pedal continuing, I drove home with as little gear changes as possible (the gear changes were just fine, I didn't have problems getting in any gear, but the clutch felt strange). I left the car on the driveway for 2 days and then towed it to the dealership. Suddenly there were no thumps, no strange pressure on the pedals, nothing! The dealership had no idea what the problem could be, as the car drove like new. And it did so up until now, when the thump started again - but now as intense as before, just a thump or two when I take off (start driving in first gear). As I said before, gear changes are fine and so are all other functions of the car, there's just the thump somewhere around the transmission. It seems as if some part would come loose for a moment and then realign again. Please, help with your suggestions and experience. Thank you!

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