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  1. Which door locks do I need? I'm rebuilding an 1984 110 CSW RHD and all the locks need replacing. All the locks are remote controlled. In the parts manual I can choose from 2 types: Slam Type or Non Slam Type. What is the difference? Do I need: 2x MUC1034 RH-RHD 2x MUC1035 LH-RHD Regards René
  2. In two previous post (Anderzander and Scotts 90) I see 2 pictures of the Power Control DC5A. I assume that their blower is working properly. Beside the 5A version there are also a 10A and a 20A version. According to the instructions of the 5A version: If mounted on a heatsink it will do 10A. Change the turning potentiometer for a sliding type and you are ready but much cheaper. René
  3. Currently rebuilding my 3.5L 110 CSW (respray just finished) I came along this post. I'm also looking for some "upgrades" and the blowermotor control is one of them. Searching for "Power Control DC5A" Google came up with a much cheaper kit. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Power-Controller-Module-Screwed-Cooling/dp/B003TFIJ4W Looks very identical. René 1x 1983 110 3.5L V8 HCPU LHD 1x 1984 110 3.5L V8 CSW RHD
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