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  1. Blue Wicked

    Clutch not disengaging

    Yup, it's moving fairly freely, so I didn't need to replace either it or the actuator fork. The lever travels almost all the way to the bell housing warm or cold. I've just checked the gear oil and level, and it's at the bottom of the level hole, it's also brand new oil of the right spec. so that doesn't seem to be the problem. It has a new clutch bearing too, which I made sure was moving freely before refitting the housing and gearbox. One more thing, when the engine's warm and I turn it off, clutch in and select, it goes in no bother. Turn the engine and try to select, it refuses.
  2. Blue Wicked

    Freelander owners locations?

    Blue Wicked - Perthshire, Scotland
  3. Blue Wicked

    Clutch not disengaging

    Hi, I'm new on here, but have two Freelanders, an 01 Sport, and an 04 HSE, both 1.8. I've recently replaced the clutch and the hydraulics in the HSE, and all was fine. Until, that is, the engine hits normal operating temperature range. Five minutes after reaching temperature, it's extremely hard to impossible to select any gear while the engine is running. When the engine cools to below temp and I restart, the gears can be selected very easily.Try to select when the engine off it selects every gear with no problems. Does anyone have a clue as to what the problem may be?

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