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  1. Thank you for taking the time to reply, Lightning and V8 Freak, I appreciate it 😍 I may never get to drive in it but one of my sons wants it one day!
  2. Howdy, Any suggestions, please, regarding what I should do to keep a 2004 Defender 110 TD5 in the best shape after it's been laid up for 8+ years? Long story - After owning a Discovery 2 TD5 ES for 5 years, I decided I needed to find something without 7 leather seats and ACE that wouldn't need new air springs every 2 years or rust out from under me. So, in 2009, I bought a 2004 110 Hardtop in a last minute E-bay bid for just over £5,000. A bargain. 120K on the clock and a good runner but slow and noisy as hell after the Disco. 9 months of Defender ownership later, fate saw fit
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