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  1. All, Final update. It's an 11J engine. Three of the four Glo Plugs were burnt out. Replaced and starts like a dream! Thanks for all your help.
  2. Ooh. The others have said definitively it's a 12j. What are your thoughts based upon the pictures?
  3. Thank you all! It's definitely a plodder. Got her up to 60mph down a hill the other day. I didn't buy her for racing though so I'm happy. Just need her to start when it's chilly!
  4. as promised, pics of the engine. Let me know if you need different angles. Thanks again for the very detailed responses!
  5. Brilliant Red90, thank you. That does make sense - it's registered in 1988. I'll get pictures of the engine this weekend to confirm if it's a 12J. Thank you all so far!
  6. Thanks again for the responses. Didn't get to photo but will do. the VIN is SALLDVAD7AA304994 The engine was once duck-egg green, yes. I have attached picture of the s/n and some of the duck egg...
  7. Brilliant, thanks for that David, and to all for your responses. I’ll take photos in the morning when it’s light and go from there. I had heard anecdotally that it was army as there was some green paint but I put this down to wishful thinking! I need to get new Glo Plugs so need to know what engine it is. The VIN implies earlier (1984) but that was when it was a petrol engine, with DVLA saying 1988 with the Diesel engine that came from the ARMY? Confused, but will post tomorrow and see if we can unpick the mystery. thanks again
  8. Hi, I have a Land Rover 90, 1988. VIN stacks up (although implies it was made pre-1984 when the plate and logbook state 1988...) VIN says petrol engine, but I knew the engine had been replaced - I now have a Diesel engine which runs well (when not cold!) i’m trying to find out what engine I have. Have checked some forums and they state the number should start 12J or 11J. However, my engine stamp states “remanufactured for ABRO” and then a job number IPR 90xxxx828 from 1998. Any ideas? Thank you!
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