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  1. Thank you for the advice ! I find a webstore in Belgium with the Zf 6 gearbox oil. they have also the Zf 8 gearbox oil, is this one new or do i need the 6. and for the middel differential how many oil i need and is it the same als in the gearbox ? last question i gonne change my motor oil too but i have Some valvoline oil 5w40 in a closed package but i bought it 5 years ago. is this still good or can i better buy new oil and which brand is the best ? I see special oil for turbo diesel from castrol they say good for cars with little particlefiler but my car
  2. Hello, Thanks to this forum i know which oil i need for my frond and rear differential. When i do the job maybe i can replace the gearbox oil and pan and the oil from the middel differential. But which type and how many oil Goes in. I find in the internet the Zf oil is the best but are there other brands with good or maybe better oil ? and where i can find a good pan with filter which is nog to expensive. My car is a range rover sport 3.6 tdv8 for 2007 with a Zf gearbox Thanks and a good weekend !
  3. Hello, I'm new on this forum. I am Jony form Belgium. I drive a black range rover sport tdv8 by 2007 I have a question because i want to change my frond differential oil. I have very small leak at the diveshaft at the end of the diffbox at the seal. For the moment i haven't the budget to replacement the seal of the box but i think it Will be better to change the oil and check every 1000 km. I search for information and funding that my car, a range rover sport 3,6 tdv8 form 2007 with automatic gear needs75w90 long life oil. But witch brand is the best
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