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  1. I have a 2011 fl2 which I have had for 6 months. Very clean car with only 40'000 Mike's and never been off road. Whilst driving up the motorway in heavy rain the terrain response set at normal road driving the system shut down with a message say that no programs could be selected including the normal mode light at the rotary switch in front of the gear selector being out for all modes including normal driving and a message saying that safty would be greatly reduced. I left the motorway and stopped at the road side turned everything off and then restarted the car. All back to normal with the light on the rotary selector showing normal driving conditions selected. We covered about a mile and the same thing happened, again pulling over and shutting everything off and the starting again, a further mile or two and again the same thing. I drove the remainder of our trip without any settings on terrain response when we stopped at my daughter's house to drop them off we were twenty minutes. On returning to the car to continue our journey the system was back to normal with the rotary switch showing normal driving mode selected. And it hasn't gone out since..... I'm I correct in thinking that with the heavy rain and surface water some dampness has got in the system and caused a glitch or is there a more urgent matter lurking... any advice greatfully accepted as new to land rover freelander2 ownership.. Many thanks in advance Colin

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