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  1. Hello, I am in the process of installing 200 TDI in my land rover. one of the jobs is to look at the steering which became very notchy on my last outing, on inspection, found ball bearing broken which in turn has dented the shell and corresponding surface on the worm drive. so replacement or repair? problem is I cannot ID the box, it dosn't look like a standard 90/110 manual steering. enclosed pictures of the loosely assembled item, any ideas? cannot install the power version because of a cross member fitted for the pto winch. many thanks in advance.
  2. I have dragged an series 3 gearbox out from the dark depths of the barn, to use on a tdi conversion, I have dismantled it, to find water had been in it, so bearings need replacing, gears I hope will clean up, but, there are no suffix serial numbers on the casings, all casings ( cog box, transfer and 4 wd selector) have 3031 stamped? however the transfer case is stamped 3031xx. have attached photo of the cogbox/trans marks. as you can see there is no evidence of marks being ground off and then re-stamped. many thanks in advance
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