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  1. ' Tad wobbly ' is of course my way of putting it. I get a wobble at 55-65mph and when under the truck this morning changing the oils in the gearbox/transfer box I gave everything a good shake to make sure it's still attached where it needs to be. Whilst doing this, the front output for the transfer box has some movement, not a lot, possibly less than a mm, but it is there none the less. What's the probably diagnosis of this do you think? Big job? The oil that drained out looked like tea and was a little thin as well with some sludge built up on the magnetic plug. Gearbox was that good I felt like re using it!
  2. the 255/85\s just make the truck look more complete. I have removed the spacers although the inner kid still wants them on as they look even cooler, however they rub the arches and aren't a particular great idea on an overloading truck.
  3. If you check out seals direct's website they do quite abit of car stuff from yesteryear with pdf's showing actual measurements etc.
  4. It was Her Majesty's Service although when I say that, people think I was in prison for some reason!
  5. Great year! I was fed, watered and clothed then given lots of weapons to shoot and things to throw which blew stuff up and generally get drunk quite a lot. Fortunately it never happened at the same time The music was alright as well
  6. It's the one reason I'm not keen on cutting it and re welding it.
  7. You pair must be in cahoots with Nikki as she said the same thing!
  8. Only when the circumstances allow it to get you out of the brown stuff and we've all been there now and then !
  9. There's a bumper end missing from the drivers side on the bottom picture! btw if anyone in the UK finds it, let me know as I'd like it back
  10. Spending some time creating a website and instagram channel, I came across a few pics. I made this little before and after pic, top one was the day I collected the truck and the bottom was taken 3 days ago... A bit of a difference wouldn't you say?
  11. I did consider a rub plate as you say, I even measured out some 2mm alu to form along the contour of the tank and bend away slowly so as to not create the ' lip ' that the tyre hits when the shock compresses...it's a bit unnerving when you hear it even on bends when doing a left hander at speed ( I use the word speed loosely here )...but it'll come under the guise of ' bodge ' rather than ' fix '
  12. We went on a jolly last week up to sunny ( make that VERY sunny ) Wales and stumbled on the Strata Florida route by accident. Nikki was driving so she got to drive it whilst I sat there flying the drone and being a very nervous technical navigator for her. Anyway, I'm not looking for anyone to measure the Strata Florida route, but I did come up with a ' problem ' with my aux tank I fitted awhile ago in that it sits into the rear wheel arch space. This wasn't an issue on the 7.50 tyres but now I have big boy tyres( or little if your @FridgeFreezer & @landroversforever 😁 ) the tyre was rubbing on the edge of the tank. Now I bought the tank cheap...as you do, and I figured it was worth a punt for the money and I got it shoe horned into the rear arch space and just lined up but it sits forward of where I want it. I have 2 options, drop it out, drain it, wait a while and then cut the front section out and re weld it so it sits further back or buy one at full retail that is designed for the TDCI 110 set up. As for the tape measure, well I can only assume this tank is for a model where the filler cap sits a little further back in the rear quarter, so can you ( the greater LR4x4 members ) measure from the rear corner to the edge of the filler area and give me the measurements so I can ascertain what year/vehicle this would fit? Mine's a 110 USW TDCI 2011 and the measurement is; 233mm Ta
  13. I find fixing anything will always produce better mpg as I always end up with left over bolts, washers and odd bits which reduces the weight of the vehicle overall. My estimate is the current tuck is at least 5kg lighter with this ideology.
  14. I bought a dometic cf30 draw fridge which allows you to mount the compressor away from the unit to keep the hot part away from the cold part and if you’re short on space ( which in a landy we are ) you can mount it up to 1.5 metres away which allows some creative thinking! Im very impressed with it and as a drawer you can store more in it over a standard upright as stuff ( I mean vodka bottles) won’t need securing without wasting space but it’s not cheap at just over £600. i went through the usual ideas if hacking a table top fridge to fit where I wanted and running that from an inverter but they just pull too much power. A good 12v fridge will save you in the long run for sure.
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