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  1. Looking at a SW husky 10 which seems abit more sensible
  2. The novelty of the warm has worn off, mainly as it’s flipping heavy to consider moving about.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/227754249046674/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined If you have fb, then that's the one. I'd rather have a low profile if I'm honest, and not necessarily a Warn either if something is worthy.
  4. That was my idea, as with the spare mounted at the front, I would probably have it mounted at the rear most of the time and swap over should I need it up front. This one is up for £800 and I figured that was a good price for a quality unit but looking at it, it's a beast! 9000lb might be a better idea and approach angles aren't an issue until they are
  5. I believe the over inflated prices are a hype and are being spurred on by the odd belief that the somehow Land rovers have become valuable. I spoke with someone today who purchased a 90 3 years ago for 5k and now they're selling it for 8k according to the faceache group advice. It's a 200Tdi on a galv chassis with rot in the bulkhead at the usual spots. 5 years ago I paid £1500 for a 110 TD5, which was a good buy but it needed a little work to get it straight. Nowadays that same truck would be up for sale for 7-8k? Madness
  6. Having looked at a Warn 8274, it seems that any pictures I've seen online of them fitted to anything past the rebated grill means that the grill has been cut to accommodate the winch. To get them fitted to a standard winch bumper will require the grill to be cut to the outline of the winch?
  7. This. It's an age thing, we're all getting to be miserable, cantankerous buggers who like some comfort in their lives
  8. I watched a Fred Dibs episode last night and some of the old steam belt driven drills were like that, beasts of a machine
  9. Christ I’m glad she wasn’t too badly hurt as riding does show how vulnerable we are. I shall be going for a career change soon which means having 2 wheels for work commuting will be possible but I’m afraid I’m going abit soft these days and a nice triumph tiger sport is a possibility. We hired a couple after I sold my tiger 800 a few years ago to tour Scotland and it was the most comfortable bike I’ve ridden.
  10. No they will be green as well I was toying with leaving the rear dark/black but Nikki said it has to be green too, and now we're ' discussing ' the roof colour and wheels as well. Options are a Green roof but the lift up being black or the entire roof area being black. As for the wheels, Nikki wants oversized wheel arches but i told her the only way that would happen is if we get Blindo's....so we're not ( thankfully as they are far too young for me, maybe 20 years ago i would've thought they were cool...the arches, not the Blindos ) However i prefer the
  11. I know! Other than trying to kill myself on it, it was cool looking bike.. I do have a soft spot for Jap inline 4 superbikes, I had a gs850 that was built like a tank. have you got any of yours left? I moved over to Harleys and worked for them for 3 years which was fun, again I have a soft spot for Evo engined harleys too
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