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  1. It isn't at the moment due to work but there will be some time soon to start on it again as the work project is coming to an end. I've cleared the workshop out ( again! ) to put the Landy in at the weekend and replace the cracked windscreen. Once that ( and fixed the non working wipers ) has been done, i shall be moving the frame and roof back inside and spending some quality evenings tinkering and moving forward with it I do find dark evenings and working in the worshop with the radio on quite a satisfying way of life...
  2. There's a new defender??
  3. I do have a track system for my bosch cordless circular saw which is gathering dust now, maybe google the Dewalt system to see if they do a similar thing?
  4. It does depend on your budget regarding other saws If you want a track saw, ie a correct plunge saw and track then expect to pay £150 upwards. These will be corded jobbies. If you want a cordless, then festool do one, which isn't too bad as you can double up on batteries with the tool depending on the job. Expect to pay £1000+ for a saw, track and at least 4 batteries ( they are doing a deal at the moment where you get a free battery ). Having owned one for some time, it wasn't worth the extra cost to have cordless, but some situations it did help, but wasn't a game changer. Remember a circular saw like you have listed is completely different to a plunge saw which does sound like where you want to be. A plunge saw is quicker, neater and a damn site easier to work with than a circular saw. The track doesn't require clamping, just drop it on the timber and away you go. I've not used a circualr saw in 4 years since owning plunge saws. All my tools are Bosch now and i can say the Bosch plunge saw is great, but Screwfix do their own brand of plunge saws fairly cheap and they do the same job as any other more expensive tool. https://www.diy.com/departments/erbauer-1400w-220-240v-185mm-plunge-saw-erb690csw/3663602628255_BQ.prd?ds_rl=1272379&gclid=Cj0KCQjwiILsBRCGARIsAHKQWLPlath2WH7B3nHYdwa3PGDcP06o4O3ITYJxJz8cJgtktWzjdH-7cYwaAoCTEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds It only comes with a 700mm track but you can buy extra ones should you need them. Once you have a plunge saw, you probably will never use a circular saw again
  5. Horse trailers have a habit of bearings disintegrating when your going to a show with prize buggers on board. Glad you got it sorted with the AA 👍
  6. I quite like it, it's never going to be a replacement, but for what they had to achieve, it's not too shabby to look at.
  7. A little progress today, roof struts and repair patches to the GRP roof inside. i did fit some gas struts but they didn’t work as planned. Gas struts don’t lock themselves into a pre defined position either, if I did use them then i’d need to come up with a locking rod of some sort, I dropped the idea and went back to the original spring loaded arms, which after 47 years are still in good working order. ive created a timber bracket to hold the struts and to take the bunks, I will drop it down to my steel fabricator and get him to fashion replicas out of box section. and my my assistant for today was Millie looking her best....
  8. Nice colour combo with the carpet 👍
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