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  1. Badger110

    What to expect

    Indeed Bowie....that is until a 88" passes me by
  2. Badger110

    What to expect

    This has given me some food for thought. In it's current state, it will become borderline tedious driving long distances, although have great character. Dropping in a V8 of worth will require upgrades that will add to the overall expense and if i'm going that far along then i'm going to be stripping the chassis back and no doubt i will find more that needs doing and will become a full rebuild rather than a conversion. I'm thinking more of a 88" small project, do up the Bedford camper and continue to use the TDCi camper, then sell it later on with the bedford and look into a 300tdi pulse or similar. i do like the s2 & S2a's but with additional bodywork and weight, this one will struggle
  3. Cheers, always open to ideas and offers I have read the build thread, some interesting down to earth stuff which i like πŸ‘
  4. Badger110

    What to expect

    Still in the decision to buy a S2a with a 2.25 petrol engine in it, what am i looking at driving wise? The owner laughs about it hitting 45mph downhill and it is carrying a marshall's ambulance body on it ( all original ) with 40k on the clock so i'm not expecting rocket speeds, but surely cruising should be a tad better than that! I've owned 19J, 200Tdi, Td5's and currently drive a 2.4TDCi but i like the simplicity of the older petrol engines even though i've not owned one. My other thought is to drop a V8 in it and be done with worrying😈
  5. Badger110

    custom dash project

    Personally i'd keep the gearbox tunnel a seperate entity to the centre panel for ease of access in the future. The gearbox tunnel can be wrapped and sound deadened to contain the road & engine noise...if you make it an entire piece, you're looking to extend that process right into the centre panel.
  6. Civilian ambulances do look good, finding one is like rocking horse poo. Still haven't decided on the Marshall's as i have a Bedford CF freeway ready for a rebuild and i'm torn between rebuilding that or taking the roof from it and retro fitting it to a marshall's. The TDCi is a great motor, but not practical for what we want to achieve with trips across the world, one upset and i need to carry laptops and bypassing sensors, i prefer old skool mechanical fix's. It does come down to cost though, the Puma will have to go and fund a camper build of a different variety. Although we have successfully camped in the converted 110 and i love it, we need more room.
  7. Badger110

    Sealing Rear Door Glass

    If i may add to this, the item listed is a butyl strip with adhesive added to allow the glass to stick to it. If you visit a builders merchants, or B&Q, Screwfix then you could pick up some flash band which is a similar product and has added benefits around the vehicle other than windows ( it's wider than the strip ). I use flash band on the bodywork at the base of doors to protect from standing water over time as these areas become prone to water ingress. Just a thought bodywork at the bottom of the tub by the rear door. ( dog posing for scale )
  8. I went today to view a S2a marshalls with a 2.1/4 petrol under the hood. First thoughts were the rear area isn't as large as i originally thought height wise, in fact it's the same as a standard Landy inside or thereabouts but it does have the added width. However the roof can be raised with some fabrication to give a little more height...something like a Pulse body height, combined with the Dormobile roof it could provide a nice light living area to work on. I would also consider a new rear door section, doing away with the double doors and creating a single smaller central door. Will i buy it? Still not 100%...i'll no doubt post my musings on the matter as i think about it...
  9. Yes I would be interested lo fi, I’m looking at one on eBay at the moment which looks to need a new bulkhead and the money is right for it.
  10. Got it πŸ‘ However now we're thinking of buying a complete SIIa ambulance and selling the TDCi... Back to old skool
  11. Badger110

    A cautionary tale

    The weight and shape of a head should perhaps be packaged in something more substantial than paper...even foam isn't expensive for packaging circumstances.
  12. It was me...and really?? any more information?
  13. Badger110

    Radiator stop leak

    Used rad weld in the Astra 6 months ago, still sealed up.
  14. Badger110

    Engine rescue!

    Turn it into a coffee table πŸ˜€
  15. Badger110

    Pick up conversion.

    Neoprene might be a tad expensive? Tbh not ever bought it in a sheet material and i'm going on the prices of wet suits πŸ˜„ I use 10mm closed cell foam on bare metal https://www.efoam.co.uk/closed-cell-polyethylene-foam.php

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