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  1. I want to braceit down from the front edge, but undecided as to where to attach at the bulkhead. My first thought is where the brackets are for the windscreen, to create an angle which sits behind that, use longer bolts and shim the top bolt on the windscreen surround. From that angle i can weld box section or something similar up to a plate which is bolted through the visor to a plate inside. Any due weight up top will be pushing against the bulkhead itself. To be honest the weight will always be kept to a minimum in the box ( the box weighs about 17kg ) , it'll be used for outdoor equipment, spares etc and certainly no spare wheel sat up there!
  2. It is a special vehicles build, and given this is now a much slower truck all round as it’s loaded, I’m hoping these issues never arise. Shortening it will require a fair bit of work but will also prove an issue for the storage box now sat on top and also the storage ability within the extended roof inside the truck. Every ounce of storage is needed for the trips ahead.
  3. I always thought they were fitted over the existing panel to give the illusion of a complete glass panel...learn something new everyday
  4. There’s a thread def2.net about this, someone has made some up recently, can’t find it at the moment though. personally I’d go with truck wheel arches as has been said, but I like the barrel idea as I have one sat in the field!
  5. Will the airbags give a smoother ride overall? A recent journey in the back of mine made me realise that the dogs feel everything when we travel and although they seem unaffected, if it’s a fairly straightforward swap down the line, I could be very interested in doing something similar.
  6. I’ve been told I’m part of the high risk population so have to stay at home for 12 weeks, this gives me some time to work on the landy. I got the roof on using some scaffoldimg, a trolley jack and the missus ( important that last bit ) roof off and missus busy on the phone.. . it should fit.. . and it does! This next was taken today with the front replacement doors fitted and the bellows ‘open ‘. second row doors are being prepped and waiting on some new locks I had a new material made up with a zip all the way round so I can now up zip and enjoy the open air. Clamp isn’t a permanent fixture
  7. I have now answered my own question. This effect is called 'bloom ' which is a by product of low temperature of the object being sprayed. The good news is that it overcome with a polish using a very fine abrasive liquid on a sponge. I'm now finishing off the spraying on 4 doors, 1 metal roof and the GRP roof. Once these are finalised, i'll then laquer the lot ( the metal roof will have a 2nd coat of laquer once i've flattened the 1st )
  8. I agree, even the original 3 were becoming a little tiresome near the end, but the BBC seem to not see this
  9. I went to join my own response group. Walked away after one meeting as it's obvious some are more concerned that their gear is the best than doing a job to help others. Also the moaning about other groups and the admin side was terrible. I'm sure there are great groups and i could see some were there to help, but overall a sad experience.
  10. I don't think it's a video by the 3 amigos that host the show, more like the magazine lot who are less show, more info
  11. Was the issue with the 19j bacause they bolted a turbo to it?
  12. Just as a thought. The coronavirus affects us all in some way but there are thousands of forums talking about it, some quite passionately and opinions vary from person to person. Like politics and religion, can we not just keep this little island of the internet coroanvirus free?
  13. Do you weld for a living? Stunning work There is a markable difference in the Tig and Mig welds. The Tig is defineatly making the racecar go faster
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