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  1. I have Melville & Moon covers in olive green They look nice and certainly protect the seats
  2. Turn the wheel around and bolt it on backwards, it's what I did.
  3. We have one I see locally, it's certainly a head turner
  4. Spurred on by @Wytze 's enthusiasm to see some progress I sat down on my stool in the workshop and began the rebuild. First off the bits had all arrived from Turner's as well as a new spigot bush. Main bearings went in without a hitch and were torqued up with the help of Nikki hanging off the end of the bar on the last setting or in layman's terms ' FT ' The con rod's turned out to be a trial as for some reason I'd mixed up the end caps. I swear by all that's mighty I put everything in order when I took it apart but for some reason, they ended up not in order. This caused me some grief as the crank was binding when I first torqued up the caps. After lots of head scratching and checking the bearings, piston orientation, weather and how much I'd had to drink, It twigged that the fracture line wasn't looking right. You may think I had swapped number 1 for 4 but oh no, I'd gone and done it good n proper by swapping 1 for 3 and 4 for 2....how that is even possible?? Anyway, they all got sorted and with liberal use of the sticky stuff, the crank and con rods were torqued up The wellies in the background are for oil leaks incase you're wondering Secondary ladder was fitted as well as oil pump, chain and pick up and shiny new spigot bush After this the rear crankshaft seal went on then the sump and flywheel. Forgetting I'd added a fair bit of weight to it, I flipped it over straining my left testicle and broke wind all at the same time a couple thou was honed off the face but wasn't necessary on the block, but it was a piece of mind thing for me. I now need a DTI to get the TDC and check piston protrusion so I've ordered one off amazon to arrive on Tuesday.
  5. Nope! All the parts have arrived, however life gets in the way with moving the house back around and work being rather busy. As soon as I make a concerted effort to start, I'll be posting pics n stuff
  6. Definitely a visit from me when we're up that neck of the woods 👍
  7. This is interesting as I was looking to replace the bearing shells on mine ( TDCI ) when I put it back together, however I'm now thinking it might not be a home job to do as I'm using the original crank.
  8. I found some remnants of the vacuum pump in the oil pan, right underneath the drain plug so were never drained by an oil change, small 3-4mm chunks of plastic which had melted within it and entered the oil ways. Looking around the block I can’t see any more bits but knowing they’re in the oil, I’ve decided to strip it down completely and get it down to the engine shop to be thoroughly cleaned and a light hone to the block and head. We’re off to Scotland in 3 weeks time and I’ve a contract to complete in the next 2 weeks so it’s looking like some late nights to be had 😁
  9. Although mine looks completely different, it’s mainly the same truck
  10. Sensible option! If you went north to the tip, Durness has a good campsite and the local shop sells everything you need including the stuff you thought you never needed. The hot chocolate shop down the road is worth a visit as well as Cape Wrath. Enjoy the Cairngorms
  11. Tis a thing of beauty knowing what it came from, top stuff
  12. Yup and I'm not a small bloke when it comes to pulling things I reckon my truck isn't square but the tuff trek on that falls just short of the rear by about 75mm and on the trailer it's about 50mm for the Howling Moon hobby The tuff trek does have a velcro strip which I assume is used to attach something from the rear of the truck to make it bridge the gap but any questions to TT are met with a ...
  13. Small circular motions across the entire block but I don't think the cleaning of the face contributed to the problem if I'm honest...if I was using a heavier grade sandpaper and a powered sander then yes it's going to be a ****show, but this is cleaning residue with light movements. Before it was put back together I shone a torch behind a straight edge to check for any variation in the finished surface and obviously I found none. There were 2 instances the block overheated, once when a pipe split on the dual carriageway and another when the vacuum pump failed. Reading around and chatting with the others, this is more likely to have caused a problem, but I'm always open to your thoughts
  14. When I had the head skimmed I had a chat with the engineer about the block face and his advice was to use hardwood wider than the block, 1200 grit and take your time, which I did. HG was Elring and yes, bolts in correct order, in fact this rebuild was the most ' by the book ' I've ever done using the LR manual. The spigot is a strange one as it looks to be elongated top to bottom and the input shaft to the gearbox has some movement, not a lot but some. I also fitted the gearbox and engine together out of the truck so was as careful as I could've been, but that doesn't rule out a mistake happening Gearbox's are beyond my scope if I'm honest and I'll probably drop it out and get it over to a specialist in the coming weeks for some advice on the input shaft movement.
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