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  1. Is there a difference in these modern times?
  2. The field can keep the Snatch body, it was halfway down the field and included the front floor panels, door surrounds and roof, all of it upto the bulkhead/windscreen. It would've been an interesting idea, but there was no way it was moving without some big machinery involved.
  3. Not to be at the moment as the works van is still in the garage, so the truck is being used daily. I may bite the bullet and upgrade the Intercooler when i do the air intake, move this job forward before the diffs. I have begun ripping out the rear again, i'm happy with the seating but i can't get to grips with how i want the NS done. It was a kitchen area with a sink and foldaway Sears petrol cooker, but it wasn't feeling right. I also noticed i was getting some damp spots on the ply flooring so i ripped it out to find the culprit. With it being a Saturday eveni
  4. Probably as bad as the rest of it, especially as it's the lowest point Will strip it out at the weekend.
  5. I had an appointment today at the Dentist ( don't worry yourselves, i'm fine ) On friday i got a phonecall from the dentist, who is a small 2 person dentist* and staff operation, checking with me about covid etc and what would happen today. On saturday i received a text from the dentist asking me reminding me of my appointment and could i fill in my forms online please. What forms? I've been with them for years.. Clicked on the link and it took me to the ukdentalhub. What's the uk dental hub then? ****ed if i know, but the site wanted all my details, name, addres
  6. Not sure on the laws relating to either the visual side or whether it affects the emissions test. I'm sure someone with experience in this field will be along to give some more information
  7. Just accept that any company who wants any of your information will use it for their gain in some way and not neccessarily for the original purpose. Data is big money these days.
  8. Some real nice experiences there, including the ****ting Lion I had a feeling i wanted to run over and rub those lioness's on the tummy like i do the dogs... Not sure the outcome would've been the same Nice video and pics, and with an older camera too! I was thinking you were at least using a D750 or above.
  9. You are correct 👍 However you can remove the blank and set the ECU back to factory from tuned for an MOT
  10. No, neither really. The truck gets used like any normal car, however what i have found is apparentely standard for this particular engine series. the crankcase breather is fed into the inlet manifold pipe...combined with an EGR vavle and you end up with this scenario. The way around it is to fit a Prevent captcha can and blank off the EGR. It's the cleaning i'm not looking forward to
  11. volume control valve, or suction control valve...it sits in the high pressure fuel pump and controls the low pressure side of the pump. It is a simple remedy to irratic cold running, low power at the top end and a few other gremlins with the tdci engine. there is a thread here on Def2 which shows uneven wear of the unit.
  12. Whilst changing over the vcv i was aware of an mild oil leak over the past month or so under the bonnet and figured this was a good time to locate the source. As the oil has appeared on the underside of the bonnet, i was thinking it's around the front of the block more than anything, possibly being disapaited from the fan/belts at some point. I removed the inlet manifold to get to the vcv, it's not neccessary, but makes life a little easier and saves knuckles and ripping gloves. The interior of the manifold and intercooler pipework is coked up quite badly and with a fr
  13. Well worth it, beautiful country
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