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  1. Have to love a rammed to the hilt garage to work on projects! I remember someone dropping a 200tdi off at my garage once to replace the 19J..unfortuately it was at the door and the Landy was nose in...no room to get the engine down the side! trolley jacks and alot of swearing got it to the front end where it was needed 😁 look forward to the work being done Daan 👍
  2. The material for the bellows is off to be measured and worked out the best course of action as a suitable replacement. Personally i would like a breathable modern tent material, however the original was a pvc type with a lining on the inside ( similar to the actual lining on the GRP interior ) but it was on it's last legs. IF, and it's a big IF, i went along the route of the original pvc for the strength of the joints to the landy roof then i would look at a lining ( originally came with ) to reduce any condensation as well as fitting a shroom vent. The original material is crudely held in place with aluminium strips sandwiching the material between these and the roof and then screwed into the roof of the vehicle. I will look at better ways to seal this joint as it's pretty basic, but it did work!
  3. I have thought of this and contacted a few people, however it’s getting the entire roof system to them and them being able to work on it. It’s not out of the question, but i’m looking alternative ideas at present. This could theoretically be done, but it will require the system to be ‘ open ‘ all the time, ie varying levels of water in the tank being heated...old heating systems in houses did the same with header tanks. Using a clorifier allows a closed system which is easier to manage and maintain once correctly set up. however i’m open to all ideas Not entirely true but yes you’re right in mentioning the role of the hinge when closed. The roof is secured on the opposite side with clamps as well as large spring loaded arms inside in their closed position as well as clamps. i want to do away with the large springs for gas struts and have the interior with several clamps so I don’t need to exit the vehicle to raise the roof
  4. I like it, some nice skills there
  5. Toying with the hinge brackets at the moment whilst I source a replacement bellow as the original is serviceable but I would like to replace it with a breathable tent material...it’s just finding a company that work with it! I’ve done a mock up of a bracket idea the roof has 4 of these down the one side, however due to the shape of the roof, it’ll require them all to be individually sized stress wise I reckon I’ve got it sussed, however the back plate that bolts to the roof could do with going down onto the gutter for extra bracing without relying on the bolts only to take the strain. Materials to use for the brackets? I was thinking aluminium ,but have no experience with it. I think steel will be abit overkill and bulky...
  6. I understand what you are saying My initial thoughts is this; I'm using the cooling system to heat a water tank which is adding more plumbing, or more possible problems lets say, to the cooling system. A fault in the hot water tank or plumbing will affect the engine, if a leak were to happen. A standalone system will, if it fails for any reason, only affect the hot water. Ultimately the clorifier system running from a webasto thermo top is the way to go. A seperate system with it's own water. I have also got it a water heater from a BMW which runs off the battery when the engine is running. It's primary function is to help provide hot air on start up by forcing the coolant to be heated in the engine although it will draw a fair amount of power, but this will only be run when the engine is running and i MAY fit a 3rd battery for this funtion. Ignoring the chandelry websites for a clorifier, i shall keep my eyes open for a 2nd hand unit...
  7. Hello!


    on your conversion, who made your canvas?


    i’m looking to replace the canvas on my dormobile but don’t want to use SHB



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Badger110


      Cheers for the info :)


      I'm thinking of a weave type fabric although i'd prefer the tent type that you get on modern tents which dries very fast and is breathable.  Finding the material and who will work with it is another thing!

       I will be lining the inside as the original had a seperate one, although it was very 70's in nature..

      I have a local boat cover maker who is looking at the original at the moment and will tell me what i need and i'll take a look at what they use and go from there

      thanks for the offer on the material, i'll see what the boat cover looks/feels like and then let you know

      Cheers again



    3. Jocklandjohn


      I got some stuff to make an awning. I bought a tent for the rear end and it proved rather drippy in northern rain (!) so designed an awning that I can use over the tent or simply as an awning without the tent. Its the fabric the local tarpaulin guys use for boat covers and its amazing stuff. Really heavy and slightly open weave but very water-repellent.  Thats an option for you too.




    4. Badger110


      That could be the same stuff I’m looking at, cheers for that!

  8. I read the book and found it a good read would be nice to see what they achieve with this one
  9. I found the TDCI is worlds apart on the motorway from any other guise of series, 90 or defender i've had ( standard ) Around town it's just as much hard work as any other.
  10. I stripped down the Dormobile roof to see what kind of condition it was in and given it’s 47 years old, it wasn’t too bad. There are some areas where the wood has rotted a bit, but these will be replaced with Phenolic Ply and bonded back to the GRP with CT1. I’ll also line the entire roof with Pu foam like i have done the Landy itself, over this i’ll cover it in fabric ( car carpet stuff ) and install some extra mounting points for the gas struts and to hang stuff from. I’ll also fit new LED lights in the roof to work off a switch inside the Landy. The hinge section will need some work doing to it..the hinges themselves are bolted through the GRP only, i was expecting a plate of some sort around the area. I’ll consider a long plate along the one side for the hinge. I know a little about GRP using it at work but with high stress areas i guess it’s a case of building the layers with some extra strength
  11. I’d still wind the window down! 😀 Today was about getting to grips with the roof and dormobile section and what i needed to do to get it as one. Firstly working on the floor of the garage with the roof was a no no so i whipped up a frame which allows the roof to sit on it and i can wheel it in and out of the garage when i need to. Once i had that set up it was time to see how the Dormobile roof sits on it Size wise it’s not too bad, 70mm proud either side and hangs over the rear of the roof. At this juncture i began to see what had to be done to bring the two together and make a servicible roof. I need to make up some brackets to take the hinges which will be bolted to the aluminium extension which runs all the way around the roof. You can see it in the picture below...it provides a 100mm height extension to the entire roof and allows me to mount hinges from it ( its pretty substantial ). I then trimmed the front profile to sit better on the roof and to level out the entire Dormobile roof along the Landy roof. It was at this point that i needed to be able to see how the bellows will sit when the roof is closed and although i took lots of measurements from the donor Bedford when i took it off, I didn’t get the measurement of the Dormobile roof from the vehicle roof. So it was time to start cutting a hole in the Landy roof! The hole is oversized compared to the Bedford hole, but it is smaller than the bellows in it’s length. The original springs will be replaced with gas struts and the bunks may be replaced with a different set up which is much better in design and comfort So that’s where i’m at for today, the roof has a hole in it, the Dormobile will now fit with a wee bit of fettling and it was time to strip the Dormobile and look at the state of the GRP.
  12. I bought a sprinter jack but for some reason it stays up now. Be wary of the cheaper ones. I noticed a few MOD sales sell them in bulk..
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