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  1. Hello!


    on your conversion, who made your canvas?


    i’m looking to replace the canvas on my dormobile but don’t want to use SHB



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    2. Badger110


      Cheers for the info :)


      I'm thinking of a weave type fabric although i'd prefer the tent type that you get on modern tents which dries very fast and is breathable.  Finding the material and who will work with it is another thing!

       I will be lining the inside as the original had a seperate one, although it was very 70's in nature..

      I have a local boat cover maker who is looking at the original at the moment and will tell me what i need and i'll take a look at what they use and go from there

      thanks for the offer on the material, i'll see what the boat cover looks/feels like and then let you know

      Cheers again



    3. Jocklandjohn


      I got some stuff to make an awning. I bought a tent for the rear end and it proved rather drippy in northern rain (!) so designed an awning that I can use over the tent or simply as an awning without the tent. Its the fabric the local tarpaulin guys use for boat covers and its amazing stuff. Really heavy and slightly open weave but very water-repellent.  Thats an option for you too.




    4. Badger110


      That could be the same stuff I’m looking at, cheers for that!

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