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  1. It’s very early days with the ‘brand ‘ idea but I’ve secured the domain name and when I’ve finished ripping the interior out for the 4th time and rebuilding it, I’ll sit down and give it some serious thought.
  2. I did get some short videos from the grandstand end after the chicane but their too large to post
  3. I did a little trial today with the welder, still learning! I've got some 3mm steel on the floor of the garage that I picked up from a local garage, which was a miscommunication as I thought it was 3mm aluminium, you can guess my surprise when I went to collect it as it was 10ft x 4ft Anywho, it's been on the floor for nearly a year and I cut bits off it for various jobs but today decided I'd have a go at making a fire pit with it. Template made from top of the range cardboard I then cut it out and scored the fold lines and bent it in the vice Welded it up added some side bits, chucked some legs on and voila! It's not straight, the welds are abit holey in places where the folds didn't join and the legs are tacked on as I will probably change the bits around the edge, but it certainly won't blow away as it weighs quite abit!
  4. Like wise, good to meet you and Fridge and I would've loved to have stayed but was needed at home. I did enjoy the racing and it was the first time I'd ever watched it live which gives it a new dynamic. The show was bolstered quite a lot by the racing if I'm honest, I would've been a disappointment if I'd visited from that far away for about an hours worth of vehicle viewing.
  5. Worth a punt for £24?! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154486270846
  6. No idea but people buy them and swear they make all the difference...I suppose you have to think that given the money you just spent on them!
  7. Is it a specialist job to recon a steering box or possible in the workshop?
  8. My USW came with boosts as standard and the USW is rated with a HD load capacity ( 1 tonne )
  9. I looked at that site some time ago and was keen to put it on the ' places I must visit ' Due to doggy issues and spending some of my Saturday stuck in traffic on the A303, I'm skipping camping and going on my bike to the show. It'll be good to meet up with a few of you there and I'm looking forward to it
  10. Nothing to do with the truck per sae but I was thinking of the brand we were trying to incorporate when travelling to finance some of it if possible. This was based on the brand name of overLandR.com Id like a proper animation done with the correct vehicle and a different approach, however this online animation widget seemed like a good start, so what do you think? https://app.animaker.com/video/BLO4ZN7BEH30J9RT
  11. That's very kind Mike, I'm happy to tag along with you guys for the night, I'll only be camping for the Saturday if I do stay but still waiting on some news at home with one of the dogs to see how the weekend pans out.
  12. I’m going for the first time this year to meet the son of a couple who did a huge travelling journey back in the 70’s in their series as they can’t make it. We were hoping the actual series would be on display but it’s been held up in France so won’t be there, but I’m sure they will be lots to see Is anyone going? What’s it like? I’ve not decided on camping just yet as I’m going solo
  13. My stickers? 😂 The PA system wasn’t working so we got a one to one chat with Gerry which was informative and how I imagine the trip across the countries he visited. We also got to chat with Aln Palmer from Yak travels who gave some good info on travelling to some out the way places in northern India Show is much much bigger this year but the trade stands are a little lacklustre unless you want a roof tent!
  14. We saw his truck come in yesterday, the Celtic Rover, as Nikki pointed out he has more stickers on his truck than us looking forward to hearing him chat about his travels
  15. Indeed, editing video takes an awful long time including having a subjective view of what you’ve done. Look forward to more of your work 😁
  16. Stephen if I become even half the fabricator you are I'd be more than happy with myself! You do influence me to try stuff
  17. subscribed. I do understand what you mean by not having someone to share it with, I find travelling is best when shared as we all take something different from it. I hope you get some companions for any future ventures
  18. Is anyone going? We’re camping over the weekend, if you’re there drop in and say hi, always good to put faces to names 😁 Look for the bright green 110, beers will be cold, you can’t miss us 👍
  19. I’ve turned my hand to a little fabrication work. I’m still in virgin territory or at least 2nd base when it comes to waving a electric sticky stick ( or wire and gas in this case ) around so bear with me with the results 😁 It came about when I got rid of the top box to replace it with a roof tent so I was running out of storage inside and figured some bits can be fitted to the outside when travelling. The first item is the Bushpig. It’s a metal box used for cooking or containing a fire, quite useful and becoming more and more popular with Nikki for cooking in rather than the petrol stove. The rear quarter seemed like a good place to put it and thus began my fabrication marvel. i needed to make a swivel bracket and no idea how but I found myself in possession of a left over part from the rear wheel carrier so used that. i made a receiver bracket using 30mm 3mm bar by scoring the folds, folding then welding and drilling to make the hinge bit after this I made a bar to go over the entire box and be able to place a padlock to lock it up. Again I scored the joints, bent to the angle and welded them up. the welds are a tad rough but I got there in the end and I’m happy with the result. The bushpig itself uses the tabs to sit in these little hooks I made and riveted to the body work to keep it in place I also did some brackets for the 270 awning, but that’s for another post
  20. Clutchfix is my latest but if I’m honest it replaced a 50k +standard cheap clutch which never gave any issues
  21. Welcome to Land Rover alignment The door when laid flat will curve inwards and this is why your lock area is proud when the tops are in the correct position. Remove the rubbers as they'll get damaged whilst you bend and manipulate the doors. I started with the lock area, this is your datum point, so get them to shut and remain engaged with the lock, then pull the tops of the doors out to allow them to sit correctly. How you do this is down to you as they're your doors. I used bits of wood, my weight and at one point, a rubber mallet and quite abit of swearing
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