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  1. to quick with my vote "others" , didn't see the 255 in the list (were's my glasses...)
  2. you could try gripping the bolt with a pair off vise-grips (after tightening the bolt a bit) , and wiggle the shaft while at the same time turning the shaft and the hub around . it is probbebly catching at the end of the brass ring inside the hub.
  3. looks like a decent bush fix , avoid full lock and drive carefully .
  4. yes they have , they even have a saying "it doesn't have to go up the road ..."
  5. heard a lot of complaints in the netherlands about HVO (it's called "bleu diesel" , it increased fuel consumption by 10% and more expensive as normal diesel
  6. indeed as above , and most car's with rear bench seats have these missing 😂
  7. make more space 😁 (just leave the spare tire at home)
  8. i use a Engel MR040 , not overly expensive , more plastic as there very expensive steel brothers , but a very good unit , it can freeze to -18 .... runs on 12 volt and 220 volt as wel , so we use it as a 2nd fridge in the house .
  9. or fit a very thin (6mm) custom spacer between the hub and rim , so the studs are flat with the rim.
  10. if you've read carefully that's exactly why he has this jig .... (and it now serve's 3 jobs , restore a body shell , get the chassis out of the way , and make it easy to paint the chassis ....)
  11. long time ago i had to make the same reparation on a 300tdi discovery , some bright soul put a thick washer under the spring to increase oilpressure !! the previous owner had the engine rebuild , but forgot to remove the washer , so the engine was creating 25 bar (!!) oil pressure and blew the oilfilters apart . took me some time to find this fault (only days before setting off to africa for a charity run) . as far as my memmory goes , i only removed the sump to get acces tot the relief valve , so no need to dismantle the front engine cover for this
  12. i believe they calculated this years ago , you get a puncture once every 100000 km's . so there's no real need for a spare . (but i always carry them) new heavy goodsvehicle's in the netherlands often don't come with a spare (save's some weight, and most drivers can't change a tyre anymore)
  13. were these included with the car ? or did you find them somewhere ?
  14. i think you have a different google then i have : https://www.google.com/search?q=27+TLR+RLC+LAD+REME&oq=27+TLR&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i57j0i22i30l5.4833j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  15. just type the details in google , it will come up with some hits (if not all)
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