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  1. that front propshaft looks really dangerous , it's way too short for this setup !! the spline's shouldn't be visible on the outside , but hidden by the rubber boot !
  2. did you find some time yet ? 😉 hypothetically , i could use one ...
  3. that's why i need one .... 200tdi in my 110 , no airfilter box 😞
  4. i would just match the intake manifold with the hole you made in the adapter plate ... (maybee mount the adapter en drill through the intake )...clean up the hole and be done with it ..
  5. if you have a original 200tdi , i will buy your airfilter box ! i don't think you will gain horsepower from a "performance" filter , you will get more noise ....
  6. i think that depends on your painter , on my car the hardtop side's are painted a year ago , the remaining paintwork is some 30 years old ..... i didn't go for high gloss , but asked him to use a paint between high-gloss and matt (don't know the english name for this (is it semi-gloss ?)) . if you stand next to the car , it's very ahrd to see the difference ....
  7. on my parts manual the plate is installed in a manual box .... it should be gasket-gate plate-grommet-plate (on top to hold the grommet in place) ... it could be it's a plate from a box that doesn't have difflock , the hole seems smaller then normal .
  8. was the caliper corroded , or dit the new seals failed ?
  9. where did you get the feed from ? direct from the battery , and how about the earth ?
  10. can someone explain to me what these "isolators" do for your springs ?
  11. to keep all the repair seals in the same topic , the rear solid calipers seem to use RTC1137.
  12. i don't think they will fit the rear caliper , as far as i remember they are a different size to the front calipers !
  13. i found the solution , after reading some more in the parts manual , the rear nut has 2 different numbers (217477 for normal , and 521633 for 1 ton) , so i can try witch one fit's . riddle solved ... on to the next one 🙂
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