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  1. same here , flasher was mounted up-side down , that's not a good thing .....
  2. exhaust stud for 2.5 petrol and NA is AFU1848L , seems to be M10 thread (from the 1987 110 manual) exhaust stud for 2.25 petrol is also AFU1848L (from the 1986 110 manual) hope this helps .
  3. no change , in holland (NL) it's not allowed to retrofit a partice filter (it is allowed , but you will not receive a lowere exhaust emission on paper ) so it seems they are only interessted in ur money , insteed of caring for the envirement. this januari the roadtax for "poluting" diesel's is 15% extra tax !!!
  4. as far as i know , there suppossed to be shim's , i think it need's 0.1mm space between the flange and the circlip
  5. try and remove the vacuumpump , and blank the hole with a plate ..... these pump's are sometimes very noisy , and when inspecting , there's nothing wrong to see ....
  6. also have a look on the routing of the washer tube , it may get caught behind the dash (at least on a LHD vehicle it make's a rather funny bend around som parts of the dash-structure) , downside is you have to remove the top dash panel to get acces.
  7. did you use the seals with them or went for a different brand ?
  8. hello all , has anybody tried the stainless brake caliper piston's from brit-part ? i would'nt use the seal kits , but wonder are the piston's any good ? i contacted zeus to ask if they still sell there pistons , but never got a replay (and can't find them anywhere for sale either)
  9. treeslider at the front : some 16 cm from the front side of the bulkhead : total length is 182 maybee 182,5 cm : from the rear to the hart of the rear wheel is 49 cm :
  10. taken some picture's of the mounting , there is 1 bracket missing on the treeslider , they were missing when i bought them . do you need the total length ? front mounting to bulkhead outrigger : rear mounting : and from the back towards the front :
  11. i have treesliders on my 3 door 110 , they bolt to the bulkhead bracket at the front , and at the (in my case) unused chassis outrigger just in front of the rear wheel , you have to remove the aluminium sill panels and they bolt up easy ...
  12. just put 2 new (or used) conrod's in , new bearing's , and off you go ... every piston has movement if you push at the top ..... so don't lose sleep over that
  13. thanks for keeping us secure 🙂
  14. or maybee , they engineerd a single thicker plate , and used these when the 2 thinner plate's were used up on the production line ....
  15. found this topic searching for info on this exact topic : rebuilding a 1984 LHD axle , and found 2 retaining plate's on both side's , and of course the gasket (FRC4206). i looked in my old parts manual RTC9863CE (land rover one ten , covering vehicles up to august 1986) , and i found only 1 plate per side (FRC4142) . the manual has a release date of october 1989 , so if the factory removed 1 plate in lets say 1988 , and found this to seal equely wel as 2 , why do you find 2 plate's on cars manufactured years later .....(as in the original posters question)
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