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  1. i can't help you with that question , i don't have td5 knowledge ...
  2. i would buy a good quality pump , drop the tank and fit it , and your done for the next 20 years ... no need to cut up a good floor ...
  3. just ask somebody else to pull the bulb's from the holder's 😇 (there not that tight , a slight wiggle will get them out)
  4. on heavy good's vehicle's with cranked steering rod's they use a sleeve on one side with a left hand thread on the outside and right hand thread on the inside , so you can adjust the tracking without taking the steering knuckel's apart.
  5. output is likely to be in the region of 100 amp .
  6. so the spacer is only used on the 2.5NA and TD engine's ?
  7. NSS means "not sold seperate" between the two gaskets is a plastic spacer around 5mm thick
  8. i think i need to investigate some more , so far i have found lots of different partnumbers (with lot's of superceded numbers with them) , and some info even mention that 3 and 4 bolt droparms are the same .... i did found the QFW000030 .
  9. i'll have a look inside the 4 bolt then , i have the rebuilt kit. now i only need to find a drop arm and nut for this one (i gues the 3 bolt doesn't fit the 4 bolt)
  10. hello all , as some of you may know , i'm building the "eurover 110" , one question i can't solve at the moment is do i go with a 3bolt steering box , or is a 4 bolt really a beter option . i have the (used) original 3 bolt from a french LHD 110 (probebly around 1984) , and i have a 4 bolt from a salvage yard , (should be from a discovery 2) both need rebuilding , but wich is the better/stronger option. i know the main difference is a brass bush in the 3 bolt , vs a bearing in a 4 bolt. what about the hosses , the engine is a 200tdi (defender spec) , do hoses exist
  11. watch out for this , the 24 volt wiring is thinner than the 12 volt version's !
  12. can you post a picture of the engine number ? and 1 of the complete engine
  13. no real info , but google seems to find some stuff : https://www.landsend4x4.com/kam450-drop-in-diff-locker/ https://www.totaloffroad.co.uk/equipment/transmission-and-axle-upgrades/kam-launches-drop-in-locker/ company seems to be gone ...
  14. the good news is : they build 2 .... (just in case ....)
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