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  1. if you can get me a LHD wormunit (RTC4406) in good condition for 75,- , i'm your man .....
  2. i hate to say it , but it's already october .... (and i really like to see other 200tdi's with belt "oddness" )
  3. so , another day spannering and waiting for parts , most of it arrived early this morning so i could get something done , made a giant cockup repairing a stripped thread ... the M10 stud the static idler mounts to , didn't quite make the 40NM torque , it felt the stud was torn out of the housing . so decided to put a helicoil in it , just to be sure .... in a moment of brainshortage i put in a M12 helicoil ..... the hole in the idler is only 10,5mm so that is not going to fit . after about 1 hour grinding with a dremel tool i got the hole opened up to 12mm ..... i think i need to find a replacement front cover for the next cambelt change .... another thing i noticed , the timing belt is really tight (if you put a torque wrench on the tensioner , i don't see any movement from the "loose" position) , i had to remove the tensioner to get the belt on . is this normal on discovery 200TDI ? the good news : it's running , tommorrow the final pieces
  4. thanks for the reply's . little to late , went to the machine shop early this morning , they skimmed the head (made no comments on regrinding the valveseats) and it's back on ..... i now have to wait for the mailman to deliver the remaining parts (i do change the idler en tensioner) the fuelpump pulley was not exactly lined up with the cambelt pulley , so i loossend the rear bracket and had to put some tension on it to get it in line , when tightening the bracket back up. so i hope this will cure the belt issue . (i have a spare head (bought for the Eurover project) , so i can get that propperly looked at , so i can use it the next time ..)
  5. thanks western , the top link is for a defender engine (seems to have some differences) and the LRcat page seems to mix 200 and 300tdi on the discovery 1 page ....
  6. tensioner seems to be the wrong one , so ordered ERR2530 , and have the head checked first thing tommorow (since it's my daily drive i need it working as soon as possible)
  7. hello all , my daily driver (1987 110) is fitted with a discovery 200TDI , the local MOT man noticed a engine leak and decided to let the car fail inspection. the leak was supposed to be "a leaking injector" , after some investigation it turned out to be a blown headgasket (very good fault finding of the brave man). so it's head of .... not to bad a job (i luckily can have a dry workshop space at a friend (the weather at the moment is really bad with rain...). the head is of at the moment , and i cleaned it and sanded the head , there are some minor scratches around the cilinder (not so much it wil get your nail caught) . now i have to decide to get the head skimmed , or just clean it using a straight block and some sandpaper , the picture is when i just took it off , the leak is at the back off number 4 cylinder , the scratches can be seen at the edge where the cilinder is. i also decided to see the state of the cambelt (i have not done a cambelt since owning this one , so it's about time) , that was just in time , the cambelt is worn on the front side of the timingcover (i tought that was only happening on 300tdi's ....) so i will see if the fuelpump has some tension on its rear mounting, and have a look if i can find something wrong with the pulleys. i now need some parts to fix it , but LRcat seem to mix up partnumbers between 200 and 300tdi ...so i hope someone can help me get the right parts . it's a Discovery 200tdi , and i have no idea how old the engine is (does the engine number be of any help for this ?) so i need : cranckshaft seal ETC5065 key cranckshaft ERR3987 tensioner timing belt ERR1972 idler pulley ETC8560 timingbelt ETC8550 valvestem cap (i will take that of a old engine, replacements seem to be carp) pushrod 546799 valvecover ERR2409 rubber half moon seals ERR765 seakl rocker cover ERR663 gasket thermostat housing ETC8007 waterpump RTC6395 waterpump gasket ERR388 are these correct for my engine ?
  8. it works beter if you post some more info , did you bought a "short block" engine , or a complete one , did the injectors and fuelpump been checked before fitting etc ... is the timing set correctly ... what gearbox, tyres, diffs etc ...
  9. no need to , a friend of mine own's a 88 serie's 3 , swapped the chassis a good 20 years ago for a galvanised one , didn't do anything to it , and it is always stored outside ..... so far no rust anywhere .. (we live very close to the Nordsea , and in the netherlands they use a lot of road salt in winter time)
  10. the "eurover" project was in a similar state , it has been most of it's life in Scotland ..... don't weld , just replace with a galvanised one , and your set for another 30 years ....
  11. no : https://www.jamesbaroud.com/en/products/hard-shell-tents/evasion/ (just a quick search )
  12. there are tent's around that are 160 and even 180 cm wide.
  13. at least 1 side still for sale: https://pablanchard.co.uk/Seat-Belt-Inertia-Reel-LH-MTC1607 other side : https://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/mtc1606-use-mxc-5492.html
  14. same numbers according to the parts manual . http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/2010/03/series-iii-parts-book/
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