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  1. if the box is big enough , i can use a couple as wel 🙂
  2. in this link : https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/foi-responses-published-by-mod-week-commencing-09-july-2018 you will find the Merlin document , download al parts and look for you registration number , it wil tell some historie of it .
  3. no idea , original chassis has welded plate's to mount the rear tub .
  4. no , common misstake , you start at the back and work your way forward. bolt the rear bed to the chassis with the rear 8 m8 bolts , then set the 2nd row door space (adjusting the b/c post with washers) , then set the gap for the front doors (adjusting the bulkhead with washers). if everything is perfect bolt the whole thing together
  5. mine was almost next to the breather pipe connection , if you look from the front to the axle it was on the left side of the breather.
  6. my gues would be to drop a disco 200tdi in it , and swap the exhaust and intake manifolds from you defender 200tdi
  7. first step would be to locate the axle number , on my 110 the number was on the left side of the breather pipe (not to the right ,as some info tells you !!)
  8. i bought these : http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/product.php/664/8-way-blade-fuse-box at the moment trying to sort out the wiring before changing the glass fuse's , i'll let you all know how it fits (or not)
  9. i think the +12volt en switched 12 volt are the wrong way round , i have the same radio/tablet in my 110 and it does power up from scratch if i use my battery isolation switch. if i don't use the battery switch it just turns on fast (sleepmode).
  10. maybee the newer variant's , the 1986 version has a 2.5 NA engine , i will check with other wiring diagrams to sort it out.
  11. i tried that first , but don't get a reaction from them .
  12. looks to me they don't have it : Not Stocked: Ready to dispatch within 2 working days (if ordered before 2pm), subject to supplier availability
  13. found it on this website (http://www.opwielen.nl) , it's from somebody who owned the same vehicle .
  14. i'm not sure how much spotwelds there are , but it could be more than 2 (my guese would be 8 or 10) just strip the paint of with a wire wheel and you will find the spotwelds.
  15. i tried google , and looked at the website's mentioned , but i can't find the 20 fuse holders anywere ...
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