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  1. Just to update this thread , This years event is in the same venue , dates are 7th & 8th July ,the price has been held at £100 for both days and camping. The list so far , We have already recieived a few paid entries, I spoke with Steve Williams on Friday and he has confirmed this. Paid entries indicated (P) the list includes other interested teams. 1. Andy Welling (P) 2. Neil Delany (P) 3. Jade Williams & Dan Sevier (P) 4. Harry Adams (P) 5. Robert Taylor (P) 6. Steve Gooding 7. Ian Stokes 8. Treebloke 9. Treelads 10.Mushed 11.Rob Carter 12.Graham Davis & Andrew Chapman 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Also had an eMail from Paul Church with a possible 3 more entries Still a good few spaces going , so if anyone is interested please PM me your eMail address
  2. Sorry , try this http://www.4x4adventures.co.uk/_main/_reports10/100710_swmc.htm http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=111975552218859 Jase
  3. The SWMC comitee and 4x4 Adventures are pleased to announce that entries are open for this years event , its on the 9/10 July at West Harptree near Bristol . Max 30 entries , All types of vehicle and ability catered for , An ideal event for those who want to get into challenge events, There will be a mixture of Punches ,special stages and tasks , and not forgetting the good social atmosphere that always is apparent at these events .And It is supporting a good cause being The Teenage CancerTrust Charity. Entry cost is £100 , For this you get two full days competing ,two nights camping (Toilets Included) , Teenage Cancer Trust get an estimated 15% of this entry, so come on folks get your entry forms and payment in and BBQ`s out and get up on the Mendips for a cracking weekend . Entry forms will be avalible form jadewilliams@btinternet.com Last years event report , http://www.4x4advent...100710_swmc.htm I know a few people on here have expressed interest ,so here it is . Facepage , http://www.facebook....111975552218859 Thanks for looking and please feel free ask any questions Jase
  4. Brilliant Video Chay , Opening shot Walfy and Weeble , anyone on here remember them ?? James , an excellent event , Thank you .
  5. Some of you may have already heard of and even took part in the SWMC , for those that have not its a fun event that will cater for all types of capibilities ,from a lightly modified disco to a full blown challenge event truck , This year is the 4th SWMC and will be held at the West Harptree Venue south of Bristol ,It will be held on the weekend of the 9th -11th July 2010, The event is being organised by the Bristol and West Off road club in assosiation with 4x4 Adventures Ltd ,and the main aim of the event is for teams to come along for a bit of driving fun and a good social atmosphere , The reason for this event is to raise funds for the chosen charity of The Teenage Cancer Trust who helped young Scott and his family in his last few months . The team spaces are initialy offered to Bristol and West Off road club members and then after a cut off date offered to invite and public forum to encourage new teams along . The event cost is £90 for the weekend which includes two nights camping , As an addition to the entry we encourage each team to raise a target of £50 and above for the chosen charity (Forms supplied upon registration ) ,The cut off date for registration is 11th June 2010 . An itinery and event rules can be found here, http://www.bworc.org.uk/swmc_2010_89.html If any teams would like to enter please PM me your E-mail details , on return you will be issued the registration pack . Previous event reviews can be seen here , http://www.4x4adventures.co.uk/_main/_repo...090711_swmc.htm http://www.4x4adventures.co.uk/_main/_repo...80712_bworc.htm Many thanks , Jason Farr , BWORC .
  6. I need to clarify this part number PRC2236 , Its an oil temp sender But what is it fitted to ? Thanks in advance , Jase
  7. Took a run down the Fosse today , Some Pikey has dumped about 25 Propane gas cylinders just down from Kemble , Bloody mess and dangerous , Ironicly another two miles down someone had dumped a gas BBQ .
  8. I use a Bodyshop in Hengrove , he will do a very good job ,he does all my work vans , I can give you his number if you PM me , As for cost at a guess, anything between £400 and £600 without looking at it first .
  9. I was thinking the same , With the MSA rules creeping into alot of comps now.
  10. I drilled my GP mainshaft to take M12 bolt using a decent masonery bit , cobalt drill wouldnt touch it , And then a spiral machine tap .
  11. Stay away from Dundry , Its carnage , but have a look here , http://www.cboffroad.com/ or Give Smiffy a ring He has an excellent site at the Bath & west showground http://www.apexcircuitdesign.co.uk/news/6/ http://www.xtremeoffroad.co.uk/ And club wise there is only one off road club currently operating in Bristol http://www.bworc.org.uk/
  12. More than likely was Liz Buck , Yes I agree their customer care is excellent and on a personal basis .
  13. From past experiences recon/rewelded heads are short lived in their life span , once the metals are fatigued and failed it kind of tells you that its at the end of its useful life .
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