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  1. Cruise control works !.many thanks v8 freak for your help πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ I would never have been able to get it working without the pinout you sent. I used a rocker switch for on/off and a spring return self centering on/off/on toggle switch mounted in the bracket hole below the wipers stalk, made an arm from a piece of hydraulic tubing and shaped a matching knob from a piece of plastic, will send a pic later.
  2. Checked the plug and those pin points are empty because I'm using the defender harness. I have spare pins, so I can pop them in and run wires up to the steering column. Going to a couple of scrap yards today to look for a stalk type switch which I'll mount behind the wipers stalk. On the gearbox subject I have found many "pulse modulators " ,one I like is made by Dakota Digital, made to adjust pulses to speedometer if you've changed ratios or tire size and also for gearbox situations like mine. Try googling them, I think you will find their products very interesting. I have used a couple of their products on my street rod,like fan controller which is fully programmable for temp,run on after ignition off if you want etc. Ignition curve control during supercharger boost to prevent detonation.
  3. The blades are on the chopper wheel for the speed sensor (looks like a windmill),each blade triggers a pulse to the gearbox cu ,the more pulses per second the faster the vehicle is going, so by making more blades the computer thinks the vehicle is going faster than it really is, so changes earlier. What do you think?
  4. something i forgot to mention,(as the compushift is so darned expensive at our exchange rate ) i was thinking along the lines of making a new chopper wheel with 20%more blades ,hopefully to fool the computer into thinking its going faster than it really is ,your thoughts on this?
  5. thanks v8 freak, i,m running the disco 1.2 transfer case. i cant seem to find defender wiring diagrams which have cruise control in them ,it seems defenders didnt come out with cc?. the reason i want to change my shift points is because she only changes around 2500, and this kills me on a cold turbo engine. i change my VWtd5 at1800 when cold , then run around the 2300 revs (120kmh)the rest of the day ,and to prove my point i have 440,000kms on the clock ,original turbo ! my son had 2 turbos in his vito ,he drove at normal revs when cold !! i believe one should let the oil warm up so it can flow into the minute gaps we have on an engine.
  6. I Have a TD5 Defender with a disco2 auto box, so I am running a disco ecu and disco auto box cu. I would like to get the cruise control working, anyone our there done that? Another one for the gearbox fundis, can I re program the gearbox shift points in the gearbox cu? (is a Bosch unit)
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