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  1. So I took both front wheels off and checked between the shield and discs, nothing between them, but one of the shields was bent onto the disc - however I bent it back into position and the noise is still persisting! Is there any other common problem that it may be?
  2. Would that mean the noise would be present all the time if it were the case? I’ll have a closer look but the noise seems to go once the car has warmed up?
  3. Hi there, New to this forum so be gentle! I’m looking for some advice about my 04 Defender 90 Td5 - I get a metallic scraping scratching noise at about 30mph when I’m setting off - seems to be coming from left hand side fwd wheel but can’t place any closer than that! I’ve checked for rubbing on the wheel, and had a root around behind it but have yet to see any cause. My next thought is whether the wheel bearing is worn which I’m going to check this weekend when I’ve got time (hopefully!) but was wondering if anyone out there has had a similar problem or knows what else it could be? Thanks!
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