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  1. P38 EAS weirdness

    You need to change the com-port in the RSW software, ideally you should re-start the software everytime you change the com port to ensure you clear the errant communication out the buffer. Had this problem a few times on both the RRC and P38
  2. Range Rover Classic Headlight Upgrade

    I ran those wipac lamps, halfords 120% bulbs and made a relay loom, it was a good upgrade over standard. I now have a pair of Trucklite LEDs fitted which are in a different league.
  3. P38 Electronics Gurus - help need

    Do you get power from the ODB port? If not check fuse 32 or 33, 5 amp, in engine bay.

    I had this issue with one of my keys (the other just flat out refused to work so I ordered a replacement, mine was "only" 172 quid though). I ended up taking the batteries out, cleaning them and then putting them back, I then twisted the battery holder to a position that stopped the annoying "low battery" warning. Been fine ever since.
  5. RR is Rear Right. "Vehicle has moved" can be ignored though, both my classic and P38 show that on a regular basis with no adverse effect.
  6. I had a Kenlowe on the CSK, 4.6 with long headers, hardly ever came on when actually moving in the UK even when towing and I didn't have any issues cooling when doing a fair whack for hours on end in the south of Romania in 30ish degrees. The CSK had to large spotlights blocking the airflow. Disco 1 V8 had a mechanical, failed 3 times, stuck on in -7 which made for a chilly holiday! Currently both the P38 and the RRC have mechanical fans, I've had the mechanical fan kick in once or twice in the classic when pulling up a long hill with a big weight on but it's also cooling the auto box so that might account for the added heat. I haven't really used the P38 much so can't comment. The MGB GT V8 fans only come on when stationary or crawling in traffic.
  7. Personally I've found Island4x4 to be fairly prompt on delivery, they're one of 3 suppliers I prefer to use on the web, LRdirect being one of the others.
  8. New Series - RR Heavy

    Really enjoyed the second video you posted, a visiting friend said it was the best stop-motion video he has seen in a long time and perfectly showed the process of the work. Keep it up
  9. New Series - RR Heavy

    That was a very entertaining watch, seemed very well shot and great subject matter, I will be watching future episodes and I'll probably send the link to friends too. Better than a lot of stuff I've seen on broadcast TV.
  10. No Spider Alarm 300tdi

    See this reply, the RRC used the same alarm ECu around that era
  11. OT: Sad day today

    Sorry to hear that, always sad to say goodbye to a pet.
  12. Please view and comment.

    Leave the registration on the advert too, it makes it look like you've got something to hide when you blank it out.
  13. A lot of the later 2 doors had electric windows; https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1017983057.htm?ca=12_s I'll try and remember to grab some photos of the inside of my doors The part number is RTC6387 and RTC6388, paddocks sell them http://www.paddockspares.com/rtc6387-window-winder-mech-2dr-rh-from-fa-electric.html hope that helps
  14. If you're over this way sometime soon you're welcome to have a poke round mine and a ride up the road and back
  15. We have the stainless rimmer brothers part on the 4.6 Overfinch, fitted fine I keep thinking about pulling the cats off my 1993 but I think it would fail the visual test come MOT time