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  1. When I was looking for my P38 I looked at a Vogue (may have been an SE) that had this black wood trim, wasn't a special edition. I think it was an option on the very last vehicle. I tried to find a set of the black trim on ebay for mine but could never find a complete set so didn't buy them.
  2. It's worth making up (or buying) a lead and downloading the Roverguage software, you can then check what each sensor is saying and check function. Congrats on the pass! Looking forward to the latest video
  3. I have an MG, as above, post a photo and I'm sure someone will know!
  4. A friends did this recently, the crank on the compressor snapped and it blew the fuse. You can take the compressor apart and check it over but it sounds like you've burnt the motor out.
  5. If you do decide to give social media a go then I know of a small sized Range Rover Classic restoration group that already has a SOUP following member content
  6. I had 4 new tyres fitted to the classic a few years ago, went straight from the tyre fitters to the airport to collect the other half, coming back from the airport on a dual-carriageway I thought there was a slight vibration but there wasn't anywhere to stop and I put it down to improper wheel balance. Got home and checked, one of the front wheels was loose! The garage appologised and claimed they had torqued them up but that would suggest otherwise.
  7. If you've got the engine number and registration then give Ray/Rob a call at V8Dev, they may remember the vehicle or have records? I saw the same P38 advertised and was semi tempted myself!
  8. We've stayed at Owen Camping a couple of times, might be a bit far south for you. There is a pub/hotel a short walk up the road if it's still open but I've never been. Other pubs would be a drive. They're happy for people to have fires. No toilets or electric if they're a requirement. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Owen/@52.7278813,-3.9114906,17.08z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sToolstation!3m4!1s0x0:0x7a7736fd380ed075!8m2!3d52.7273898!4d-3.9130097
  9. I currently run a Vogue P38 as a daily, although I don't do a great number of miles. I replaced blend motors, front door locks, air springs, dampers, plugs, leads and tyres among other things. Doing O2 sensors soon. I also carry a win10 tablet loaded with Lynx diagnostic, EAS software and RAVE. There's thread over in the members vehicles section on what jobs I did with mine.
  10. This thread needs pics! All the other windows should set though even if the front one is broken. Whereabouts in the country are you?
  11. My 1994 classic has a vertical tordial tank and multipoint LPG feeding the 4.6, seems to tow well...
  12. There is also a difference in mounting in the car, the softdash seats have two tags at the rear of the seat rails that take two bolts on the rear vertical upright of the seatbase whereas the harddash seats bolt straight down at both front and rear mount points.
  13. What Fridge said, a P38 for 2k and spend a few K and some time doing repairs/going through it. Be prepared to do some work and for a few issues to appear while you iron out the kinks and you should end up with a decent vehicle. I currently run both a late (1994) RRC and a late (2001) P38 Vogue, they are actually fairly different cars. I've done work to them both (threads in sig) but a rough rundown of each; RRC - rebuilt engine, new air springs, new EAS compressor, new heater motor, new heater matrix, the usual moving bits like bearings and bushes and the usual wear items. It will eventually need welding but is fine for now. P38 - Blend motors, HEVAC repair, both front door locks, new air springs, replacement key, sealing leaks, fixing stereo and a few other items. I also bought a fairly expensive piece of diagnostic kit (LYNX) as I don't think you can own one of these without one. I've spent more on the classic but I've owned it far longer, I reckon the P38 owes me around 4k. In terms of ownership the P38 is a nice place to be, drives well and looks smart. It has often been described as very comfortable. The Classic is also a nice place to be, albeit not quite as much as the P38, it is also smaller and lighter which gives it a different dynamic to the P38. If one had to go tomorrow though I'd part company with the P38 and keep the classic...
  14. You need to change the com-port in the RSW software, ideally you should re-start the software everytime you change the com port to ensure you clear the errant communication out the buffer. Had this problem a few times on both the RRC and P38
  15. I ran those wipac lamps, halfords 120% bulbs and made a relay loom, it was a good upgrade over standard. I now have a pair of Trucklite LEDs fitted which are in a different league.
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