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  1. Robbieboy

    Exhaust manifolds

    Thanks Neil. I’ll pass this on.
  2. Robbieboy

    Exhaust manifolds

    @smallfry hiya mate. I’m not sure, I haven’t seen it yet. I would imagine Carbs but I’ll check with my friend tomorrow at work. Thanks.
  3. Robbieboy

    Exhaust manifolds

    Hi all, I’m a series Landy man (please forgive me!!) but an internet allergic friend of mine is looking for a pair of genuine exhaust manifolds for his mk1 Range Rover 3.5 V8 Could anyone tell us if they are standard Rover V8 manifolds or were they a special casting for the Range Rover. If you have a pair to sell, would love to hear from you. Many thanks. Rob.
  4. Robbieboy


    Hi all - im looking at buying some second hand wheels off a defender 90 for my s3 swb. Are the studs the same centres? Cheers for your help.

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