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  1. Keith1984

    Defender engine number location ?

    With apologies .. one last question on engine spec... I'm now very comfy that my engine is a Disco 200tdi. I read that you can't tell a Disco 200tdi engine year from the engine number (unclear if this is true). Engine number starts 12L090... (just confirmed by Red90.. ty) I've also read about (and now found) a circle stamped on the side of the cylinder head just past injector 4 which has a code. My code is 12 and 90 stamped on it (12 above the 90) which is supposed to be a date code (presumably therefore 1990) but also don't know if this is true ( this obviously this ignores the maybe small but real possibility that the cylinder head has been replaced) Can anyone confirm please ?
  2. Keith1984

    Defender engine number location ?

    Thanks both..you can even see most of it in the pic! Am I right in thinking that the three digits after the 12L are the year code for the engine?
  3. Keith1984

    Defender engine number location ?

    More pics
  4. Keith1984

    Defender engine number location ?

    More pics
  5. Keith1984

    Defender engine number location ?

    Thanks.. I think it must be a Disco engine as suggested since the Haynes Defender workshopmanual shows 9bolts on each side of the cylinder head and mine has 8 each side (probably other clues too) More pics below show as much as I reasonably can of the upgrade (found what looks like a pretty new starter motor underneath the engine too!). If anyone can offer any opinions on what looks particularly dodgy (/unsafe) that would be very helpful. Otherwise the plan is simply to replace badly worn / corroded pipes and both radiators (one being intercooler) and get a better frame to put them in. I guess this willl need semi-pro competence to set up? Still can't find the engine number ..ho-hum..
  6. Hi, Just taken delivery of an old (1984) Defender 110 hcap for restoration. Very exciting for me as my knowledge base is literally zero. Planning to learn as I go (with help!). I assumed it was a 2.5 n/a diesel (12J) original engine but it has an interesting 'whining' sound (on first drive) when accelerating uphill which made me wonder if it might be a 200/300Turbodiesel.. possibly even from a Disco? (it has two bodged-in radiators, one medium, one small, both leaking like sieves). I don't know what a defender turbo unit looks like. If anyone can advise on engine type and where the engine number should be (I have looked all round the block for it but maybe not carefully enough) based on these pics that would be kind. Thanks.
  7. Keith1984

    Tyres .. advice please

    Thanks both. I guess the mysteries of tyres (and Land Rover Defender ownership generally!) will become clearer over time! We'll probably only be using the vehicle to take the dog for walks (ie up a short off road track to parking places) and occasionally collecting stuff from fields. The wider tyres (31') appeal due to my perception that they give more traction generally (especially in ice/snow on road) but that might be my misconception. The chunky look of mud tyres is more of an appearance thing than a need. We can find enough cash to pay for any set of tyres ... it's more a matter of trying to find a balance between price, traction, appearance and noise level (noting that a 34 year old 2.5 Diesel engine isn't inherently quiet .. so super silent running tyres not a key priority). It'll probably be doing 2000-3000 miles on road per year. Any other perspectives on tyres would be welcome. Thanks again.
  8. Keith1984

    Tyres .. advice please

    Hi, I've inherited a 1984 110 Hcap diesel 'farm vehicle'. Seems nearly all original ie pretty biodegraded including the tyres which are Greenway Big Macho 31/10.5/R15. We're planning to use it on and off road (probably 70/30 on/off) and will likely soon need new tyres (mot advisory says they are perishing). Unlikely more than 3000-5000 miles a year. Vehicle unlikely to exceed 40mph. We like the look of the chunky mud tyres 2 questions : 1. what does 31/10.5 translate into in metric terms (eg 265/75 or whatever) please 2. What tyres (brand & type) would folk recommend please. Many thanks for any help & advice cheers

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