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  1. so im going to attempt mounting and running the box upside down, and install a new vent line, and plug up the old one. Well, not really "upside down" as the input side is higher then the output side vertically, but I will flop it over, so the "pan" is facing upwards and the selector shafts are facing down. I have found and secured a CDL locking dicso 2 LT230 and its on its way. my only real concern is lubrication, and seals. lubrication: should I adjust the fill level to ensure "wetted" gears stay wetted when at rest on level ground ? or just put in the same amount of gear oil the manual specifies ? also concerned with inter sling and whatnot getting oil into all the places it needs to lubricate. seals: mostly concerned with the selector shaft seals, they were not designed to be submerged in oil all the time. anything else on the "top" ( which is normally not submerged in oil ) which in this installation would be on the "bottom" that I should be worried about ? any and all feedback is welcome !
  2. no, but that is pretty cool ! this one was vertical ( mounted on its end ) so input was on top, and outputs on the bottom. my main concern is lubrication, but seems like if the gearing is properly wetted the oil will get slung around pretty good. also would need to make sure venting was taken care of.
  3. does anyone see any issues with lubrication ? I saw somewhere ( cant find link now ) where some custom application with dual boxes and one was vertical mounted ?
  4. has anyone ordered from either vendor ? have requests out for pricing.. here are the links I found: http://www.milneroffroadracing.co.uk/4x4 transmission.htm http://www.rakeway.co.uk/page12.html thanks @FridgeFreezer
  5. is it the same shaft internally ? never thought of that honestly.
  6. crazy idea ? ( probably ) fitting a LT230 to a P38 would require mounting the case upside down. for my application, I am doing an engine swap at the same time, so making brackets and divorcing the new engine from the transfer case anyway ( even if I stick with the borg warner ) other then the obvious case venting issue, anyone see any issues with proper lubrication, seals etc ? anything im missing ? ( probably )
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