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  1. peachy

    Price to pay for 200tdi engine

    Thanks for the reply. I’m still trying to think of a good alternative. Lots to think about . A 200tdi is just such a nice easy engine conversion.
  2. Hello question, is the solex carburetor on a 2.25l series 2 not considered good? Seems well built ! I read some negative comments on the weber, supposedly there restrictive and need a adapter. I tried to rebuild my solex on my series 2 with a kit from bearmach but the accelerator pump gasket/diaphragm was not included. Pretty disappointed. Is it worth trying to source a new accelerator pump diaphragm or just try finding a new carburetor? I hear the su carburetor is supposed to be quite good. Appreciate any advice
  3. peachy

    Price to pay for 200tdi engine

    Thanks. Plans are likely to change, if I find a nice 200tdi engine I would be happy to fit one. It sure would be easier 🙂 I would just have to stock some spare parts . Thanks for the reply’s and if you know of a nice 200tdi for a fair price please let me know. Thank you
  4. peachy

    Hammer rivet size ?

    Hello Anyone know what size/specs the rivets are that are used for the hammer rivets on the hood and side panels . Also where to source the tool to hold the rounded end while the back side gets flattened Thanks again
  5. peachy

    Price to pay for 200tdi engine

    Thank you for all the replies. This is great advice and it got me thinking about other options. I think I have decided to install a mercedes OM617 5 cylinder turbo diesel engine mated to a more modern 5 speed transmission connected to the series transfer box. Theres a great selection of adapters available today and not very expensive. This will save me a big expense VS a 200tdi or 300tdi shipped from the UK as I can pick up all large parts locally. The mercedes diesel is old technology but extremely durable and reliable. Plus they can be found inexpensively when needed. I will likely snap up a few spare engines when deals pop up to have my own supply of spare parts. Ill see how this goes in my SWB 88 and later decide what to do on my 109's This is what I hope the finished project will look like, possibly pastel green with a 3.0L turbo diesel and 5 speed transmission so no need for expensive overdrive .
  6. peachy

    Price to pay for 200tdi engine

    Thank you for the replies.i have a few Land Rover projects but this would be for my 1964 swb. It currently has a 2.25l petrol/gasoline engine with original 7:1 compression head so quite a low hp set up. I hope to use this truck Quite a bit but there’s lots of mountain passes with quite far distances on the roads I travel so need a truck that can travel at 55mph pretty easily otherwise I’m a road hazard. The 2.25l with 7:1 compression has me conserned since I’m quite sure it was not designed for that. I was thinking of a 200tdi with series 3 transmission fitted in place of the original non synchronized series 2 transmission and fitted with a new overdrive ( I live not far from where they manufacture them in Canada) if I could find a 200tdi that could last a bit until a rebuild for 500£ that would be great. Would anyone have any suggestions for dismantler that they have dealt with in the uk that sell good parts at fair prices Thank you
  7. Hello I’m in Canada and have been thinking of purchasing a 200tdi engine for my 1959 series 2 Land Rover. Does anyone have any idea what to pay or have a reliable source for a good engine. I found a few on eBay.co.uk but at almost 1500£ Plus exchange and shipping it would be to expensive for me . That seems quite expensive. Any info appreciated
  8. Hello just wondering if anyone has any soft frame bits they could spare/ sell . I’m in Canada and I’ve been looking for quite a while but they are never available. I believe I can make the large hoops but what I’d like to find are the other bits. Possibly the piece that fits to the windshield frame that the canvas hooks on to. Pieces around the doors if anyone has those bits and can package them I can’t see shipping being that expensive. Let me know.
  9. peachy

    V8 into series 3

    Hi i sent you a message, I have a bellhousing adapter to fit the v8 engine to series gearbox. Where in Canada are you. let me know.

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