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  1. Hi, Are the rear side panels on 90 and 110 the same ?
  2. Ok, but nothing related to the suspension turret ? Like, is ti supposed to be centered ?
  3. Quick question... How can i check if the mushields are straight ? Is there a reference point ?
  4. Can't find the thread on defender2...
  5. Some progress ! the previous owner had shims welded to the slam panels sides. So i cut them, straighten the slam panel. Shimmed 3 to 4MM the lower front bolt of the left wing and attach the slam panel without any shims. First i bolted it to the right wing and then i bolted the left wing and it forced the wing to align perfectly. With a spirit lever i compared the leveling of the front fender to the top of the wing and it's spot on ! Now i have to find the way to make the right wing nice and straight... obviously i can't use the same technique...
  6. Just checked on google.... it is supposed to be like that😫 Back to square one
  7. Some news on the "why my wings look awful" investigation I did remove the row of bolt securing the galvanized mushield to the top of the wing, i loosened the 2 bottom bolts on the front of the wing. So now the wing is more "loose" but can't put it straight. While removing the mushield i noticed something. The mud shield is almost touching the suspension turret this way The right wing has the mud shield almost touching this way So maybe that's why the left wing looks bad... How can i adjust the mud shield ?
  8. Yes, Looks like it needs shims on the lower part to compensate.
  9. Does anybody have a picture of a LHD TD5 AC PIPE FACTORY ROUTING ?
  10. So... to get things back to a proper standard... I would need a new: Slam panel ABG710040 Intercooler brackets PCU103780 PCU103790 Air con condenser frame top bracket JRF100410 And possibly a new condenser fan assembly JRB100660 GOD ! i think i'm gonna leave its crooked smile for a while...
  11. Yep, i've inspected the chassis numerous time while working on the drivetrains and everything is nice and straight, i think it had a frontal lateral collision in the past... not a big one but enough to mess alignement and some brackets. I live in Africa so... previous repairs must have been done "under a mango tree" Today i"m investigating further more and i play the "7 mistakes game" For starter the ac condenser is not the right one "they still manage to make the ac work" Regarding the slam panel here is it's current condition The central bracket is shot The whole panel is bent on several places... The brackets that hold the intercooler both look shady as well...
  12. I'll tackle this tomorrow, but in the meantime i loosened the slam panel bolts and there was some real tension there ! while doing that i saw the right wing straighten itself... It seems the left wing when connected to the slam panel was pulling the right wing to the left
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