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  1. Thanks for the reply, Checked the links but still can't figure out where it needs to be plugged. Because if it were for the fuel pump relay, the connector wouldn't be shaped like that ...? I see that on the discovery 2 transfer cases, there is a connector shaped exactly like mine... Apparently, on disco 2 it's on a second lock sensor switch and it really comes from the same part of the loom as in my Defender
  2. Hi, i've got this extra "unplugged" connector with white purple and black wires, i really don't now where it is supposed to go, and it doesn't show in any TD5 electrical library that i have Are there any electricity wizards that could help me identify this damn wire.
  3. Found that it is a plug used on the 1997 NAS defender, and 2007my defenders, it's the driver side seat belt buckle switch. Don't know why it's on my TD5 loom but it is... so i'll tuck it so it doesn't foul on anything
  4. Thanks Peaklander, Yes i subscribed to the online JLD epic catalogue and through my VIN NUMBER it was indeed those part numbers
  5. Hello again I have an unplugged connector in the right hand side of the transfer box. Thought it was one of the switches (reverse or diff lock) but no.... The connector is grey and has 2 wires (white purple and black) Any TD5 owners know where it goes ?
  6. Thx, i’m Not saying you are wrong...but why the manual would not state that it’s part of the main harness to interior light harness ? Mysteries of car wiring I guess...🤣
  7. Here is the connector for the volume sensor that I have on my car (it’s not translucent actually, don’t know why I said that So I think the red connector is for the rear interior light harness but I can’t find any clear pictures of that harness to check if that harness has indeed the same connector in a male version
  8. Thx for the reply Peaklander That I understood before posting. i know the colors abreviations Although the electrical library sats the red connector is not for the volumetric sensor on td5 for the td5 it’s a flat 3 wire translucent connector i get how the pillar switches work. i just want to know what parts i’m Missing and what plugs on what etc wiring diagrams do not specify parts number unfortunately...
  9. Ok, so it"s a pretty long story... Bought a 110 TD5 a couple month ago, fitted with a fiberglass roof, that i'm planning to remove to put a factory one (the roof is leaking horribly and mess up all the door seals alignment etc...) so the previous owner who did that mistake also removed all the interior light and the volumetric sensor cause the roof is all in one piece, meaning that the headliner is part of the roof and can't be removed... So after inspection, there was only one door switch remaining... the front passenger door switch.... Driver side switch was missing, but found the wire (slate&white) in the engine bay and managed to route it back in the A pillar and reconnected it with its switch. Hurray ! the front doors reunited with their switches... Then i was off to take care of the rear doors switches, full of hope... no wires nothing and i don't understand how they are supposed to be connected to the loom.... It appears that i'm missing the rear side door switch, Lead-links AMR4991 Ok, but how and where the other end is connected and what's the routing of these Lead-links ? Same for the boot door switch wire ? So now that i explained the door switch story.... I'm missing the front and back interior light harnesses connecting to the main harness to make the interior lights working but i'm lost with all these different part numbers for the same part i checked on lrworkshop and there are no pictures of the wires... i have this connector with seems ok (color wise). What harness does it plug in ? rear light harness ? Then i have that one which is not ok color-wise (PN wire instead of PW in cavity 2) So which connector is the one related to the rear interior light ?, unfortunately its not specified in the manual. Both are marked as "main harness to interior lamp harness". And what are the parts number for the harnesses i have to order ? I don't have the RAVE software so i can't check with my vin code... Thanks for the help
  10. Thanks for all the replies, i messaged @PaulMc, i'm waiting for his reply.
  11. Hi, i'm looking for the male connector in the photo (Td5 air conditioning system condenser fan connector) I can find it's female counterpart, but i have it already cause it's part of the ac loom, but the male connector attached to the condenser fan, seems impossible to find. Close up shot of the female connector N°C0280 in the TD5 electrical library. I'm missing the male part
  12. did a bit more shimming, I think it’s about as good as it can be. Won’t budge any more than that. i haven’t thighten the engine bay side column clamp yet. Hope it’s not going to mess things up... We can still see that the switch indicator unit is still leaning on the right side but I think it will be easily corrected once I put the top shroud
  13. thought about it... but it's fouling on the ignition...
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