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  1. Hi, I am about to do a rear tub swap on my 110 and while i am at it i could change the chassis parts and tub modification to fit puma 60/40. My question is, is it really worth it ? is it really more comfortable ? (i don't have access to any puma so can't actually compare to my TD5 regarding comfort) What's you opinion on this ?
  2. I know i'm digging up an old thread here, but do you have front pictures of the enlarged "oval" hole you made on the bulkhead ? As on the pre 2002 bulkheads the factory "round" holes sit very close to the edge of the bulkhead vents, did you start to drill the hole off centered so it sits higher ?
  3. Ok, thanks a lot for your feedback i guess i'll solder and heat shrink !
  4. Yes i know about them and they are usually specified and numbered. But if i look at A339 on the picture it doesn't say anything more than being a "splice" ...
  5. Hi, I was wondering how they splice that many wires at the factory ?
  6. Hi, I'm planning on painting the def aintree green with a black roof but... Which black ?, they all look the same with a computer screen, are some of them "lighter" than others, (if there such thing as a lighter shade of black ) Or is there a really dark grey in the land rover paint catalog ?
  7. Hi, i'm looking for those fastener but in grey, everyone except rovers north seem to have them in stock. The usual suppliers have them in black and that's not alright visually. Did any of you guys now where i can find those besides across the pond ?
  8. Here is my interpretation : Telle me if it's feasible, i'm not a wiring expert but i try to understand it as much as i can.
  9. Hi , i know there is a bunch of threads about this procedure, but it's usually about the 02MY TD5, and it looks quite easy. My question is for the previous TD5 version.... After reading both 1999MY and 02MY electrical diagrams I found major obstacle to replicate a "factory look" First is the fuse box behind the gearstick, which has 20ish fuse slots instead of 35ish on the 02MY Second is the Ignition relay fuse located under passenger side seat, there is none on the pre-O2 td5 but a free unused same amperage fuse Third one is the header.... So basically.
  10. Hi, Are the rear side panels on 90 and 110 the same ?
  11. Ok, but nothing related to the suspension turret ? Like, is ti supposed to be centered ?
  12. Quick question... How can i check if the mushields are straight ? Is there a reference point ?
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