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  1. thanks guys will going for the side exit, was going to have a one on each side but think I will stick to one to reduce the chances.
  2. Thanks Daan, what I find now is if the back is open it pulls in the fumes but if i open the sides and the back its not a problem. Having pipes made give me the chance to get a better solution. thanks rob
  3. Hi I am new to the site and defenders, after a long time being a lurker I took the plunge a got a TD5 90 soft top, and love it. my question is: I am looking at having a custom twin stainless exhaust built and was going to have them rear facing but am concerned about fumes wafting back in to the back when the sides are up in the summer etc... would I be better having the pipes where they are now or moving in from of the rear wheels? can any one help me... many thanks Rob
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