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  1. Daniel1991

    Clutch problems

    @bushwhackerYh was a new heavy duty fork to full clutch kit was aligned just right well I hope so the gearbox shaft seemed to have gone in ok there is pressure on the pedals but atm I have no rear diff in or rear drive shaft so to try it I have to lock the diff but I put the clutch down and into diff but if I put it into gear it will go even with clutch down like it's not engaged properly!!
  2. Daniel1991

    Clutch problems

    @Stellaghost it's a new heavy duty fork I bit a heavy duty clutch kit on new slave and master new pipe to bypass the flexi and damper still no joy but before the clutch went again after a week of having a new one it was crunching into gear then still so now thinking something isn't engaging the clutch properly
  3. Daniel1991

    Clutch problems

    @bushwhacker @Stellaghost hey so I put a new pipe from master to slave pressure bled it till no bubbles came out there seems to be better pressure but still crunching into gear is it possible do you no if the slave push rod is to short??
  4. Daniel1991

    Clutch problems

    @bushwhacker @Stellaghost still haven't got round to sorting it I ordered new pipe as I was told it could be the hose or the damper so going to bypass that but the pipe I ordered was the wrong size so now to order a new pipe lol but I will now turn the slave bk round tomorrow thanks guys will let you no how I do get on with it
  5. Daniel1991

    Clutch problems

    @bushwhacker what way would the slave go then at tho moment the nipple is at the bottom but it was at top before as I thought maybe that would be it.. and @Stellaghost I used easybleed and there was air but cleared that through and no changed so now thinking the flexi or the damper so going to bypass that
  6. Daniel1991

    Clutch problems

  7. Daniel1991

    Clutch problems

    Stellaghost I have tried to normal bleed a few times and I drained it all and reverse bled it but still no joy yh it's had new slave and master
  8. Daniel1991

    Clutch problems

    Hi all so I have a discovery 200tdi and have been having some problem ie when I got it the clutch had to be replaced so I got that done but didn't last long as the diff locked up an the pressure caused the clutch release lever to break so I have now put a new clutch in my self an couldn't get clutch pressure so I have replaced the slave/ master cylinder and am still struggling to get pressure if it isn't running I feel pressure in the pedal but when I start the car it loses pressure and struggles to go.into gear any ideas on what this could be. Many thanks dan

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