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  1. Thanks for that Fridge and Snagger, just sent them an email👍
  2. Thank you all for the info. I will keep an eye out for a second hand bellhousing and keep you updated. I am sure I will be back with more questions as I get the build underway😂
  3. Thanks for the response retroanaconda. I will have a look out for a bellhousing and see what I can source. Gutted I threw it out now but at least I kept the gearbox and transfer box. what is the difference in the seat boxes between the series and defender models?
  4. Thank you all for the advice so far. I have looked on eBay to get an idea of some of the bellhousing and gearbox options. SD1 P38 Not sure if these would fit as I want to keep the gearstick in the original position. The vehicle is just a chassis at the moment so can move the engine to suit but will want to keep the Series Front end.
  5. That’s why I thought I needed the adapter between the 4 cylinder defender gearbox and bellhousing. Sadly it fouls on the cluch and you can’t bolt it up.
  6. There seems to be various types of bellhousings for the v8. The Range Rover and Disco seem to have a longer one due to the input shaft and with what looks like ribs or strengthening on the case. Yours looks like what I had fitted in my MGB which came off an SD1 and Lt77. Can I just fit one of the SD1 or are the defender ones different to the RR and disco.? As you can see I am somewhat confused and no your not teaching me to suck eggs. 😂
  7. Hi Snagger, i bought a second hand Series 1 Disco for the engine which was a manual 3.9. I read that you could not use it’s LT77 as the remote comes up in the seat box as this is towards the rear of the gearbox. This is why I then bought a second hand defender gearbox as the remote is forwards and they have a shorter input shaft. I have still got the Discovery LT 77 but threw away the bellhousing as it looked to be too long. These are the pictures of the defender gearbox with the remote being forward.
  8. Thanks for the response Fridgefreezer. I thought I had to use an adapter plate to use the defender Lt77 great box with its short bellhousing. It may have been designed for the original series gear box. Do I need to ditch the adapter plate and use a specific v8 bellhousing? Discovered that the discovery LT77 has a longer input shaft which would lead the gear selector to come up in the seat box. I would like to keep the gear lever in its original position. Have to to say the gearbox for the conversation has been a bit of a minefield.
  9. Hi, New to the forum. I am after some advice on fitting a Rover V8 with a Lt77 into a series 2a SWB. i have purchased a second hand 2.5 Defender gearbox to mate up to Philips adapter and then onto the engine however the flywheel clutch bolts are too close to enable the gearbox to bolt on. The flywheel bolts are very close to the adapter ring and will not allow the LT77 to bolt on. Am I using the wrong set up? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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