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  1. old/new england

    1985 Ninety, wash/wipe switch issues

    Will do, I always manage it somehow. Thanks for sharing your knowledge western, both now and the many times in the past I've read it here. All the best to old Kernow too, I used to live outside Launceston many years ago, the beauty down there takes some beating.
  2. old/new england

    1985 Ninety, wash/wipe switch issues

    Oh that doesn't look too bad, mine is LHD with a simpler style dash but that link certainly helped me see what I'm searching for. Very useful. Maybe it will be a simple job, we'll see. My other Landy, a one-ten V8 has a starter motor that's recently and intermittently begun failing, and in theory that's just simple too: battery disconnect, cables off, remove the two bolts and slide it out. But my arm can't reach it from above, and from below; between the chassis, steering and exhaust I can't get to it either. So it seems like simple is one thing, but straightforward is another, I'll need arm extenders for that job....
  3. old/new england

    1985 Ninety, wash/wipe switch issues

    I guess I had (wrongly) discounted that as an option as I've been able to force a 'stop' by jiggling the column mounted wiper switch. Thank you both, appreciate the replies. It looks like I'll be dismantling her to fit a 520160 then.
  4. old/new england

    1985 Ninety, wash/wipe switch issues

    Hi, new member here. Usually I find answers in a shop manual or an internet search, this problem hasn't yielded help in either way, so it was finally time to join a forum. This forum is the one I've most regularly seen good advice so... It's a 1985 Ninety, 2.5 na diesel, I'm only the 2nd owner and it's really low in the mileage dept, so usually the fixes are straightforward, it's a bodge free Landy basically. My wash/wipe switch is a PRC3900 and for years it was annoying as it didn't want to cancel in the normal way; to stop the wipers I'd have to time the downward push of the wiper switch just as the wiper arm was approaching its rest position, otherwise the wipers would keep going. Finally I got tired of it, pulled the steering wheel and replaced the switch. The old switch was almost certainly the original Lucas one. The replacement switch which I sourced, turned out to be a NOS Lucas one (the box was old looking, but switch looked new and perfect in its wax paper coccoon within the Lucas box). But it doesn't work properly either. I've got a new version of the same problem; I can turn the wipers on, both low and high speed work fine, the wipers are not slow and laboured, they dart back and forwards happily, but once they're moving, they won't stop for anything. After five minutes of trying to push the switch to the off (down) position, I can eventually find the correct timing/angle/jiggle which works magically and stops the wipers, But clearly it's ridiculous. Oh, and if I give the switch just one nudge down, which should initiate just one wipe, that also commences endless wipers. Anybody have any insight?

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