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  1. Hi Planning to buy a Diagnostic Tool for my 2011 L322 RR. Any experience? The Faultmate is pretty expensive (even with a single vehicle license). On eBay there are lot of (Chinese) VCI with SDD software being offered. Assume this is the same tool the JLR dealers are using. Am I right? Please advice. Cheers Rob
  2. Defender Td5 110 2003MY The fuel feeder (fuel tank > engine) pipe of my Defender was scrubbing against one of the mounting brackets welded on the chassis. This caused a leak and I had to replace the whole line 🙁 from the tank to the engine.. As the new line comes with all quick release connectors already mounted, I now have the following problem: The space between the chassis cross member (the one just in front of the fuel filter) and the upper body is not large enough to allow the connector through this space. When removing the old line I just cut it. But feeding the connector through the gap does not work as the gap is just too small. What to do? Raise the body 5 mm from the chassis to widen the gap? That's a lot of work. Is there another method while leaving the expensive replacement fuel line intact? See picture (I temporary led the line below the cross member, but it has to go above, between the cross member and the body). Anyone having experience with this? Kind regards Rob
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