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  1. All wings installed ! So Engine started and she lives !! did not need to bled of primed first pull and she went. Belt setup working fine and good and powersteering operational and feels like a fiat 500 hahah Had to change a big my intercooler position from the wing top to the side but it seams to work wellI will create a guard to stop rocks from hitting it. also if the air flow is not sufficient i will install and electric fan Started building the dashpanel now
  2. Hi Lads COVID Lock Downs again a lot of progress has been done getting closer to MOT and first drive : Hand Brake : I am 6 ft 1 and the hand brake was in the most inconvenient and unsafe place imaginable. Also the range rover LT77 is the later cable operated set. I canalised the Hand Brake lever from a P38 and moved it to a more familiar place and I can tell you it works a great i reinforced the area with extra aluminium so it wont flex. Indicators : My 2a has the self cancelling set as i discovered all the ruber wheels eventually crumble. I found that a large gr
  3. Hi all Update #6 After much deliberation I am going to retain the inter cooler and camp up with a less then ideal but functional wing mount. I am ware that defender have the heater matrix under the wing so I cut a square hole in the wing Intercooler Mounted the inter cooler and close i could to the side wall of the inner wing bought an aluminium cover and called it done haha. Being that the inter-cooler only need to function when the car is moving I think this will not effect much if it still a problem i will mount a fan under there as well but only if needed.
  4. Hi Everyone, Thank you for the massive support and knowledge honestly the stuff I learn from the forum is amazing. I will try to document better and in more chronological order as I inch closer the driving it Sound Proofing Projects I am going heavy on the sound proofing that stuff you see on the bulk head is heavy Self Adhesive Bitumen. With air pockets and heat shielding. This will be 1 of the many steps to making this series easier to live with audibly. The sheets are 0.5 mm thick and the drone from the panels has completely been eradicated. this will be applied on bot
  5. Hi all sorry for the long delay in posting life got in the way. Dashboard : had and old cooker hood out of stainless steel cut it down to size and punched 4 square holes for american style old ac vents to try and keep it looking as authentic as possible. Added a gauge cluster from a audi from the 80s to monitor some extra stats on 200tdi and will be building a nice enclosure for it to look authentic aswell. A Turbo : Bought a CHRA cartridge for the Garrett T2. The original one was literally jammed in sides for quite a while and was being driven as a 200di.
  6. Hi all thank you for all the great comments. Haven't posted for while due to work and family. I have been hauling forward working evening and weekend to get more progress done on the Landy . The engine is mounted as far forward as is possible to keep the Series look in the cabin I am sucker for sleepers and things that look original but are infact moderner
  7. So here are some updates from my end . Rebuilt all the axles All the axles have been rebuild and painted I took care lubing and greasing all the bearings and pressing in all the new races and seals Rebuilt all the Drum Brake drums are rebuilt the britpart kit has some horrible brake adjusters on the. The original where stil functional so i opted the leave them on we see what how it holds up changed all the shoes and put the top spring for some reason they where all missing from mine :/. Received the remote brake booster and created a mount
  8. Thank you all for the replies. After inspecting the Serial numbers it seems the donor LT230 and LT77 from a defender was a donor from another vehicle its range rover classic variant with 1.22 gears in it. Also found out that series had defender diffs fitted so 3.54 ratio. I am mainly after a good cruising speed and as low rev as I can get without lugging anything. I enjoy that it is slower then most vehicle and the main purpose of most of the mods is to make a safe and capable over lander that I can keep as a family jewel :). I own sports bikes for cheap speed. I have ordered a remo
  9. Hi all, I have a question with and LT77 & lt230 plus out of defender and a stock series diff what will be the final top speed of this set up at 5th ?
  10. That is the likely cause. I know the vehicle has been offroaded fairly recently before i bought and it tore it apart. Before that is was used to haul construction cement so easily went over the max carriage weight . An the roads back then where horrible compared to now.
  11. I was stunned as well the Landy doesn't look abused as in no rust or off road dents in the aluminium body. I can only assume it was either in accident or some sort of extreme crash i don't know i will re-welding it up and adding a square beam across the member to prevent it from re cracking.
  12. Hi all, It been a while since I posted COVID as usual impacted everyone so here are the updates till now. I have completely dismantled the landy Discovered a crack in the centre cross member so that will first thing weld and reinforce Power steering bracket fabricated and test installed and front axle stripped and painted waiting on new set of bolt to start reassembly
  13. Hi snagger I have to main reasons for it. I will be using a different AC unit than the land rover ones as they impossible to buy locally and better models have been developed since Another reason it that I have available to me and 180 amp alternator and I did some calculation the pas pump draws about 40 amps at full load so i will have plenty of power for the ancillaries while also theoretically losing less horse power in the process The last advantage is the electric pump has a Yaw and Load sensor allowing me to adjust the amount of assist i want from it something i cannot
  14. So I started off dismantling the 2A . I m very happy with so far no rust spots found and wow this is easy to dismantle no haynes manual nothing find a bolt remove it and something comes off I Started of mocking up and making the parts for the Power Steering install : This is VW polo electric PAS pump from a early 2k polo This is defender rack and it will connect to the P38 Box I had to shorten the range rover mid shaft at the the BREAKAGE point i basically cut most of the rod out contoured it the same and reattached it. I will be weldin
  15. Yes i have considered it, and it is the right way to go but the cost of owning a Defender in Malta in prohibitive of my budget. The Series are easier to acquire here and easier to maintain in term road licence and insurance. I like hacking and making thing personal but i do not in any way want to make a defender from a series. But make a Series just more livable on modern roads . Hey Mike here the pics that broke from my original post Here is my Mini transformation she is my pride and joy but it was bitch to bring back : Now back to Land Rover
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