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  1. Hi snagger I have to main reasons for it. I will be using a different AC unit than the land rover ones as they impossible to buy locally and better models have been developed since Another reason it that I have available to me and 180 amp alternator and I did some calculation the pas pump draws about 40 amps at full load so i will have plenty of power for the ancillaries while also theoretically losing less horse power in the process The last advantage is the electric pump has a Yaw and Load sensor allowing me to adjust the amount of assist i want from it something i cannot do in a normal pulley pump. So i can change the feel depending on the road or requirement . I can go full series impossible to steer to fiat 500 They might not be reason enough but I decide to give it a try if all fails i can still convert it back to a normal pump
  2. So I started off dismantling the 2A . I m very happy with so far no rust spots found and wow this is easy to dismantle no haynes manual nothing find a bolt remove it and something comes off I Started of mocking up and making the parts for the Power Steering install : This is VW polo electric PAS pump from a early 2k polo This is defender rack and it will connect to the P38 Box I had to shorten the range rover mid shaft at the the BREAKAGE point i basically cut most of the rod out contoured it the same and reattached it. I will be welding it in place to make sure its super safe. This the chassis plate to attach the P38 I modified the side connector thing and added a metal bracket to securely attach the column to it using the factory mounting I cut the bulkhead connector so i can fit a pearch for the PAS Pump I found a timing gear the i can make perfectly round a bit of recycling I attached a male and female jubilee clips so i can take the pump out easily if needed and it should securely keep it in place. I will be adding a top strap later to make sure it doesnt move, I will be putting a soft rubber base to damped the noise Here it is all installed and welded up pretty happy with this banged it out in 2 days . The nice thing is with this setup I can technically dry stir without starting the vehicle and another advantages being isolated from the motor I can make all the lines hard making them leak proof for years. I also leaved room for a bigger alternator and the AC condenser and They are dirt cheap. Electric car all have these type of PAS pumps so the spares can only get bigger.
  3. Yes i have considered it, and it is the right way to go but the cost of owning a Defender in Malta in prohibitive of my budget. The Series are easier to acquire here and easier to maintain in term road licence and insurance. I like hacking and making thing personal but i do not in any way want to make a defender from a series. But make a Series just more livable on modern roads . Hey Mike here the pics that broke from my original post Here is my Mini transformation she is my pride and joy but it was bitch to bring back : Now back to Land Rovers
  4. Hi guys, I have been holding back from buying a land rover for a while now, I come from the MINI scene but from the smallest classic car I v always wanted a big toy, I was hunting around for a defender / 90 but the prices in Malta vary a lot and their are benefits in place in restoring near 40 plus year vehicles rather then newer ones. I was looking as some local ads 1 day and i found the perfect starting step : This is a weird 1 in that is most definitely a Series 2A but for some reason it is marked as 1976 YOM i suspect it was built from remaining parts. This was originally a 2.5 TD but it was converted sometime in the 2000s to a 200TDI from a defender , still had the original crash-box. The good new is that this has no rust 0. After restoring my MINI see pics below I now have a fear of rust especially to the extent i had to deal with on that project This 2a has no chassis rust the bulkhead has no rust or signs of oxidation . It was originally green then it was painted blue and finally this ugly grey colour was brushed on badly: THE PLAN : I love the series aesthetic and charm but i want to drive it overland and use it as a vehicle, As it stands it is to agricultural , The steering is too heavy , the brakes leave much to be desired, The gearing is to low , In Malta i need an AC or its just an oven and it needs a full restoration to get it the standard I want. So this my journey of trying to convert this Series 2a into an almost daily driver while try to keep it true as possible and on a budget Find below the list of projects that i will be doing apart from restoring it i will update try to log as much as I can thank you and enjoy Special Projects : Electric Power steering ( p38 with opel pump) DIY AC system for under 400 euro (polo condenser ,drier , caravan evaporator and no name compressor) Convert from single line to 4 line brake system or brake booster Swap in LT77 from defender Sound deaden to the max Electric fan install GSM security tracker install hidden water tank and shower install
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