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  1. Td5 engined 130 2004 with 240,000 kms. Just recently trouble with reluctant cold or hot start and running on 4 cyls. Problem is intermittent so thinking of investing in diagnostic tool. Any ideas or recommendations ?
  2. Thanks =jon= never seen these before - worth a try.
  3. A while back I replaced the front discs on my Td5 130 with Paddocks own and the pads with Mintex. Since then I have put up a terrible squealing whilst braking. I have tried the mintex grease for the backs of the pads and copper grease - great for a few miles only. It concerned me that the mintex pads came with no backing or retaining clips (the originals were worn). The paddocks discs now need replacing - any advice on how to avoid the same problem again ?
  4. Rather than floundering about I suppose I should do the logical thing and start with the pump and work forward. Here goes !
  5. I have had the oil in the loom problem and I need to open the ECU to see if it got inside. I also had a recent problem where the lead from the alternator to the starter broke and this resulted in the battery discharging and eventually stopping the Defender with much flashing of warning lights ( engine and cold starter ). I recharged the battery and reconnected the lead and it ran after though I thought a little rough. The next day I changed the fuel filter. Again it ran ok after and it was only the next morning that it completely refused. I live in a remote part of the Pyrenees so a code reader would have to come from Santa.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions - but in both cases I would have expected a deterioration before the refusal to fire up. After several purge cycles and a lot of cranking ( never more than 30 seconds !) Fired up, big clouds of black smoke and then she died again. How I miss mechanical fuel pumps, filters etc etc.where you had the satisfaction of something tangible to blow through ! If I have to send off the ECU to be checked out (but why should it go wrong ?) can anyone out there suggest somebody ?
  7. HI all latest stunt pulled by my previously super reliable 2004 130 is refusal to start following fuel filter change. Started first time after change and ran happily on tickover for 5 mins. Next day from cold - cranking away without a hint of firing. I can hear the pump and the relay and have tried purging. The only symptoms I can see - burning on relay connection (see photo) and the pump seems to cycle, runs for about a minute, stop, and then run again. I have tried replacing the relay - any ideas anyone ?
  8. Ok tried disconnecting the MAF - no difference. Then tried with the sensor on the inlet manifold - no difference. The symptoms are exactly like a blocked filter - but changing that was the first thing I did. I saw on another forum someone talking about injector seals - anyone has experience of these ?
  9. Hi Steve, thanks for the suggestion - forgive my ignorance are you referring to the grille by the air filter or the sensor on the manifold ?
  10. Defender 110 TD5, 130k but well looked after FSH as they say. From cold slow starting and when it does fire up no throttle response for up to a minute then normal but with big cloud of white smoke. From warmish starts quicker but same throttle response problem, no white smoke. Tried: Purging- no difference, changing fuel filter - no change, checking fuel pump filters - all ok, oil to ECU- a little, cleaned up no change. When purging the fuel pump sounds normal and there is no gurgling etc - anyone got any ideas anyone ? The local mechanic is baffled and the diagnostic tool said the aircon was not working - is correct as it isn't fitted. Everything else normal.
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