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  1. The symptoms are blowing coolant out of the pressure cap, took 8 litres to get nursed home last night, strange temp guage readings, it never moved off cold yet when I kept the coolant topped up enery couple of miles I was getting warm air from the blower( I was using that as an indicator of level, soon as it cooled down it was time for more coolant) and down on power. When I fitted the head everything was done as I wanted it right, head was pressure tested and checked for straightness, quality gaskets, genuine injector seals, new bolts throughout, including the exhaust manifold studs.
  2. Hi Folks, I'm new here but been a member of the Landy family for a long time, had a 200tdi defender for years which I could have trusted to take me anywhere, it's now departed and I'm now the not so proud owner of a Td5 which has given me nothing but bother, now It's lurking shamefully in the corner with a blown head gasket and probably needing a head too.I've already put one head on it, a good used one , when I bought it and it's never been warmed or low on coolant as I drive it myself Question is, do I bite the bullet and get a new head or has anyone ever done a conversion to tdi? I never felt that the Td5 had the same low down torque as the 200 (with boost pin) and I need a land rover that I can trust as it's my daily drive. Any thoughts?
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