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  1. Thanks man, I am just wondering if it would be valuable back home.. no real. following. here as such. may be. used as an investment to help pay for my sons uni also depending on what I may be able to get from it. I have storage back in UK that I can keep it also. so not too worried about. theft.
  2. Good Day all, I acquired a SWB Series 3 Stage 1 last year, due to the rareness of the best, I am contemplating shipping it back to the UK for re-furbishment and leaving it back home. I had contacted the Dunsford collection who confirmed that the chassis number / engine number etc: are all correct. Does anyone have an idea of how much it may be worth? and is it worth me sending all the way back to the UK? My son will probably head to the UK for university, so thought it may be a nice car for him to have over there. any thoughts / comments would be welcome. Raymond
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