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  1. Thanks Westernthe Wiki page always comes up in searches and as you can see there is not a crew seat behind the driver. I've found one short video clip which would seem to show a crew seat behing the truck commander which faces outwards & not forwards, but little else to work off. Tempted to find out who built the RSOVs and e-mail them!
  2. Hi All, First post here, former 1/2 ton owner, currently building a scale model of the US Rangers SOV 110 Defender & I'm struggling with the crew seats behind the driver & truck commander - has anyone got any photo evidence or can point me towards any references which show that these seats exist? Advice on books to refer to, magazine articles, online resources would all be appreciated. I think I have tried most of the online stuff available which stands as being inconclusive, so out to the military LR experts to point me in the right direction.
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