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  1. i was going to go the ashfords route - R380 short with their adaptor kit and the standard transfer box. Not gone much further than pricing it up at the moment as its supposed to be the plan for winter nights. My understanding is that it basically moves the gearlever back 120mm from memory and thered some cutting / welding of the cross member support. I'll start another thread when the time comes
  2. haha, ok so definitely a cat among the pigeons subject all replies/suggestions are equally appreciated I'm hoping to get a couple of kid/work afternoons free this week so I'll take some pics.I know its potentially sacrilege here but my priority isnt off road for this build [although IF i ever sold it I'd like the next owner to be able to easily be able to convert back if the blocks are an issue]. Ive wanted a V8 Series for as long as I can remember and I'm pretty well stretched for spare time between home/kids and business so realistically this ones only going to be used for high days and odd road trips.
  3. Thanks again all. Ive run it without the front prop some miles now and typically a few other issues have popped up so Ive now stripped out a load of ancilleries and sent them off for repair / recon / powdercoat etc. I'm going to bite the bullet while I'm stripping it down and make a start on fitting an R380 gbox so I'll re visit the ride height once Ive everything in place to measure as I think i'll be needing a new rear prop making up for the R380 anyway. I received some custom 2" blocks and extended U bolts today so I'll have a go with them and take some pics as i get chance....looks like the winter project starts early this year
  4. Hi All, I'm giving my engine a bit of TLC as the radiator is goosed & right hand manifold is blowing, amongst other things Having removed the RH maifold theres a stud missing and another thats snapped. Ideally i'd like stainless manifolds but i cant seem to track down any options. My S2 is a doer-upper & as Ive not put it together originally, I'm trying to second guess whats been done - it looks like the left and right manifolds are different. See pics below - right hand removed and a pic from the top down of the left hand one. Best i can make out the part number on the RHS manifold is EPC2995 and I think i can use a discovery V8 manifold ref ERR2533 from brit part?? Ive not removed LHS yet but i can see that the exit isnt central (as RHS) and exits at the rear end of the manifold. Am i right in thinking the 2 manifolds should ideally be the same [ish] design / length? Should i be trying to find whatever part number matches the RHS and then worrying about trying to link it to the exhuast or is the performance difference negligible in which case any offers on what the LHS part number maybe? ...and any ideas where the best place to source new manifolds might be? Thanks
  5. Thank you all. I've seen loads of people 'commenting' that their ride height was raised on parabolics but none seems to have tried to lower it back with blocks so I was slightly curious that there maybe a reason i wasnt aware of. So I've spoken to GB, they suggest the springs will settle albeit not a huge amount. I've removed the front prop for now and got a great 50 odd miles in yesterday (love the new ride). I'm having some custom blocks and U-bolts made up which should be with me late next week so I'll update on fitment, height and hopefully a return to 4WD Thanks again for the swift and valuable replies; I'm just getting started on the Series so I'll doubtless be back with more as it develops.
  6. Hi all, i new here and hoping someone can help me out. I've a Series 2 running a 3.5 V8. Ive just fitted new parabolics [GB Springs]. The car now sits around 2" higher but the bigger issue is the front UJ is catching due to the angle of the engine to the driveshaft with the new raised ride height. I'm thinking i could fit 2" lowering blocks to bring it back down and line things up again but i cant find any reference to anyone doing this on a Series. Any one know of a reason it cant be done or who might supply Series specific lowering blocks - ia quick web search just seems to pull up Ford Escort specific blocks... Thanks in advance
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