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  1. cheers guys ... been away for a few day .. , lol i might buy some yellow paint .. im still on the fence on what to buy atm ... maybe some take offs , are after markets make much of a difference to the ride ..
  2. cheers for the info guys .. Im still on the fence on what to order , I looked at the terrafirma adjustable like mentioned , but then thought Id end up messing with them all the time , Id weather have something that does the job and I can forget about .. at the moment Id like to fit yellow shocks , as I think they would look good ...lol... so that leaves me with old man emu , blistine , or brit part super gaz ... I think that I can afford to spend a little more so Im thinking either ome or blistine .. does anyone know which is the better of the two , and which would be better on original LR springs . . cheers ..
  3. Hi all .. I have a defender 110 td5 99 My other post I was looking for advice on springs , have now sorted this , original land rover take offs ... I am now looking for a shock to complement them , I thought about again take offs , but was wondering about peoples experience with other units .. I have been considering Super Gaz , ome , Blistein yeah I like the yellow look lol .. we are going to be using our defender for "light overland / touring use " we ave a month in scotland this year , and prob the alps next year , be carrying camping and climbing gear , and the family , expecting snow , maybe heavy at times , not intending to do heavy off road tho .. Im happy to pay a little extra for a shock if it can be justified, the super gaz just seems very cheap like the springs .. so would be happy on thoughts and recommendations ....
  4. I was thinking as we are likely to be doing a lot of miles it might be worth investing in a little better shock .. ones which always come up are either ome or blistine , both yellow and would be a good colour match lol .. but seriously have any of you guys used them .. cheers ..
  5. I might have to give them another call 🤔
  6. I ordered some form LR surplus .. cheers guys ... now I just need to work out what shocks to get .. ? 🤔
  7. I will be hunting for some take offs then ... ☝🏽@Diff , the brit part shocks you took off , did you not get them replaced or refunded , they have a two year warrantee , you could do that every 20 months and you'll have springs for life lol ...
  8. I will have to have a check to see if I can get some good take offs ... but I would want like new really .. Terrafirma , how have you found them ? I thought these was much the same as the britpart stuff from what people are saying ..
  9. I will give them a call in the morning , and see what they say cheers , much appreciated ...
  10. I will 👍🏽 Gotts ? Will have a google
  11. I don’t know Keith and Richard 🤷🏻‍♂️ Still pondering over this , I did call a couple of shops to try and gauge things a bit better , tho the places I called recommended britparts springs .. and Terrafirma shocks what was said , was unless I was driving over Africa britpart springs would be fine , two places said much the same .. I’m sure the genuine Land Rover springs would be best , but I’d rather pay britpart prices lol .. I did think that there so cheap it wouldn’t be too much of an issue to change them if they failed ? And have two years warranty... has anyone had a spring fail , or sag from the off ? Has anyone had much experience with the springs ? Id rather not buy secondhand ones if I can help it , will have a clean up on mine , and see if I can measure the sag .. but mine do look pretty bad ..
  12. just having a look , seems like genuine land rover springs are expensive , I could buy a set of ome or alike ..
  13. oh , is brit part stuff that bad ?... after looking at some of the reviews I thought they seemed ok ?
  14. cheers guys , much appreciated .. Im going to go for the standard springs .. there are lots of makes , I was thinking some britpart ones from paddock , fitted with a set of super gas shocks .. they seem cheap enough , and if any of them fail they have 2 years warrantee .. any thoughts on these springs or shocks ..
  15. I thought that blistein made for a hard ride , more so than ome ? One shop said not to go for ome , as they are so hard , and mainly for heavy laid motors .. ?
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