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  1. Cold but nothing crazy. Might try to go this way for a more bare bones, military vibe
  2. Anyone have a word of advice on older 80s 90 interiors? Right now the entire load bay, sides, and roof are bare metal after ripping out the nasty carpet that was glued on when I bought it. Seen a ton of other videos that lay down carpet and headliner etc, but I quite like the look of the old series style where its just bare metal. Anyone else have experience? was thinking to rip everything out and repaint all the metal on the inside to clean everything up. Would it be unbearably loud? Also been thinking per my last post to stick head shielding on the underside of many of the cab panels, im sur
  3. Ciao guys, Was wondering if anyone had some idea why after just 20-25 min of mixed city/highway driving the metal shroud under the seats is getting crazy hot. Too hot to the touch with my hand. I even changed the transfer and gearbox oil last week and still getting crazy hot. Granted of course the temps are arriving around 35 here in central Italy, but I dont remember last summer the seat getting this warm. For context I just had the engine rebuilt a few months ago (19J or 12J cant remember exactly) and dont know if it has something to do with it. Is it just one of those defender t
  4. Anyone got any general tips for breaking in a newly rebuilt motor?
  5. Bit of an update, had the truck back for a few weeks now, everything is tip top! In the end I'm glad to have gotten it fixed instead of trying to double down losses and sell. With all the down time due to quarantines I painted the rims and front headlight shrouds (more out of boredom than anything else)
  6. Maybe now I can expect to hit 100kph without going downhill haha
  7. Thanks! Gorgeous truck! Nice little setup going on here
  8. Update, got these pics today, should have the machine ready around thursday (barring Covid problems). Makes me smile to see how clean the head etc is. Hopefully I can expect to feel some power (for once) once everything is buttoned up. CK
  9. Thanks for the input gents, Ill have a talk with my mechanic and see what he says about slotting in a Turner engine.
  10. Looking for sage advice from the defender experts, I bought this 1985 90 2.5 NA last June with zero knowledge of the Defender or LR. Slowly figured out that the machine wasn't in 100% top shape, especially in and around the engine, but nevertheless hindsight is always 20/20. Last week I was driving and heard a pretty horrible knocking sound from the engine and lost all the power while on the highway, slowed down and limped home. Didn't notice anything particular when I checked under the hood and the next day drove to work and didn't hear the noise at first, until after about 3km. Then de
  11. I just got the truck a few months ago, my first foray into both vintage and LR world. Obviously now I know how important the UJ greasing is so I will stick a schedule for that maintenance. Obviously the previous owner didn't really take too much to the maintenance side of things which Im slowly rectifying on my own. Side note, anyone recommend an EU based LR parts site?
  12. Thankfully I didnt get up to any speed before it snapped, then of course all the power went out. Had to park it and remove the prop and drive home with the diff locked. As to the danger of that thing flopping off at speed and basically becoming an airplane propeller in the cabin has left me with not such a great feeling while driving after that, but luckily I replaced it asap. The rear looks much better but will replace anyway soon.
  13. From my '85 90 2.5NA. Was driving uphill and going from a stop and BOOM, snapped it right through the flange. Been replaced now but thought maybe yall would enjoy some of the gory photos. Obviously UJs and propshafts fail but anyone ever seen a failure so serious? Seemed to go straight thru the flange. Cheers from Umbria, Italy
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