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  1. Sounds like you've encountered this problem before. Glad there is a solution that does not require changing out the entire socket. I can imagine that plenty of these have become damaged/stolen over the years and stock has dried up. I have a friend who is looking in his box tomorrow as he may have a set. It's a shame to have to resort to fitting less desirable parts to avoid theft. What have we come to? I'm worried about painting it now as it may attract someone to take the entire thing!
  2. It's the military ones which are small and round. Atleast they spared me the indicators and sidelights.
  3. Have just been pulled over by police for tail lights. Very surprised to see both lenses missing. Very anoying as they were the original glass screw type lense covers and the best feature of the car imo. A quick eBay search shows nothing.. I guess I will have to buy one of those nasty plastic units? The most worrying thing is that this was clearly commited by a fellow series owner. I doubt the average scrote would know that they simply unscrew like they do. Never in a lifetime would I have imagined that I would be a victim of theft by a series owner. I know this happens with defenders all the time but come on, a series?
  4. You would think so but the bungie seems to keep enough tension on it even with the spring compressed. Not planning on taking it off road though!
  5. That would be ideal. I read something somewhere about 3 bolt alternators being reversible as you mentioned. This is my current setup which seems to have stopped all slippage. Bit ghetto though.
  6. I have a series 3 109 fitted with a defender 200tdi engine. I recently purchased what was advertised as a 200tdi defender alternator only the find that the mounting bolt holes to be different places. It seems to me to be a discovery 200tdi alternator which would be mounted on the injection pump side of engine. I have managed to mount it in the existing position "without tensioner bolt" but as you might imagine under high load the belt starts to slip. Is there any solution other then purchasing another alternator? I could weld up some funky bracketing and most likely come up with something but I thought I would ask first.
  7. Just collected a set of GME parabolics for my 74 series 3 109 FFR. I assume that the Ubolts they provided are for the non Salisbury axle? I should get under there and measure them, unfortunately its absolutely p***ing it down.
  8. I would certainly agree with you. However I have somewhat of a personal attachment to the car and have undertook allot of work on the body and interior. Defenders are subject to Ulez, a £12 a day charge to drive in London.
  9. I live in central London and am starting to struggle a bit with lack of workspace. I've been working on my series 3 for the past 6 months on the side of the road and have one neighbor has recently become problematic making further work impossible. I'm putting a feeler out there to see if someone would be interested in taking a few jobs on the landy. I don't mind travelling out of London as long as it's not hundreds of miles away. I've recently become interested in either fitting an LT77 and/or defender/RRC axles to the series 3. I have thought about Ashcroft's high range but they are out of stock for the next 4 months and would like to get this done before winter. I've already fitted a 200tdi which is working well. I think this job would suit somebody who is either retired or young and looking for some cash on the side.
  10. Yes indeed. I may pop one and have a look, maybe throw a magnet in there see what comes out. It's very thick steel compared to modern compressors however. I think the plate said 3/16th on the wall thickness but I would have to check again.
  11. Very first task was changing the oil. What came out looked thick and milky. Definitely not compressor specific oil. Felt like 20w50.
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