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  1. I would like to revive this thread if possible. I would like to improve the ride quality of the 109, the speed-bumps in London are killing me.. I have given some months for the parabolics and britpart shocks to bed in, but in all honesty, its still a bloody hard ride. I am running on a Military chasis so I am limited to 1-ton shocks. I can't seem to find anything anywhere other then brit-part. Should I be looking at generic shocks rather then land rover "Labelled" ones?
  2. Don't say that. I just ordered a TRW master..
  3. I've changed every master a slave cylinder there is on the truck. I've now ordered a TRW for the clutch master which is what I should have done from the begining.
  4. Gives me hope then as I used britpart slaves also. And I assure you, bleeding then brakes is not something.i want to repeat.
  5. The only thing I can think of is that during installation I did not use the plastic spacer between the pump mating surface and block as the original did not have it either. I've now ordered an electric pump which I will wire to acc. Hopefully that cures it. As for failure, the lift started leaking out the weep hole and the clutch master starting dripping down the pedal. I assume seal as the plumbing side is good.
  6. I recently rebuilt my series 3, admittedly on a budget. I've stayed as far as possible from britpart as I could, using bearmach and TRW. So far almost every bearmach part has failed within 6 weeks. First the bearmach lift pump after 4 weeks. Now the clutch master cylinder after 6 weeks. Becoming really fed up with after-market parts quality. Im not expecting OEM quality, but failure after a months light usage is just rediculous. Are all these aftermarket parts made in the same factory?
  7. Thanks for the advice. Last night I re-torqued all the bushing bolts to 90NM and there has been no difference. On the topic of shocks however, I did noticed that the OEM shocks dampened both on forward and return whereas the Britparts only on return.. Hmm I would assume that dampening on compression would make the ride very hard. Either way Britparts dampen only on return so I cant see any improvement to be made from procomps. I may be wrong.
  8. I try to avoid using the gun for final torque settings. But in this case I did all four springs in an afternoon so it was a quick job. I can loosen then and re-torque. Is there a reference for torque settings?
  9. Thanks for the fast response. I shall retorque the bolts with the vehicle flat on the ground and see if that improves things. I heard many people complaining about parabolics being too soft so I was quite suprised to find them almost as stiff as the 40 year old leafs. Hopefully it's a simple fix.
  10. I recently installed some GME parabolic springs on the front and rear of my series 3 military 109. I was expecting quite a noticeable difference from my rusty OEM springs but in all honesty the difference has been very subtle. When I tightened the bush bolts down I used an impact gun on medium setting whilst the car was jacked up on blocks which would have been at maximum articulation. Have I possibly overly tightened the bolts leading to reduced articulation? I may have incorrectly assumed that the bushes would move freely within the ends of the leafs regardless of the toque setting of the bolts. I'm running new britpart shocks. I'm not expecting coil smoothness but it still feels like a rough ride to me.
  11. You're actually not wrong. I revisited Ashcrofts ratio calculator to double check and it looks like the overdrive numbers and graph are placed seperately lower down on the page. So at 85mph it's showing around 3500rpm which is still crazy high but within the rev range of the engine so certainly possible.
  12. This.. I've definitely not got a 1-ton box. My gearing is perfectly inline with ash-croft calculator. As far as I know, all series have the same high range ratio gearing, 1.15:1. Obviously apart from 1-ton.
  13. 85Mph on 32" tyres (assuming 238/85 used), series diff, series box & TC and overdrive gives you around 4800RPM (according to Ashcroft) so something is not adding up. 🤔
  14. Theres nothing wrong with the engine. It will go to redline. Compression is great on all cylinders. I'm running a hybrid turbo, loads of boost and fuel mods. Spins the wheels up all day. I'm just not comfortable driving around with the needle bouncing off the limiter. I dunno, maybe I need to invest in ear defenders but it does not feel or sound good. Your getting 85Mph with 3.54 diffs and an overdrive I assume? Thats quite different to what I had which was no overdrive and standard diffs. So comparing apples to oranges really. If you really are running 85Mph on 4.7 diffs, series box and overdrive then you must be running some outrageously large rubber!
  15. Great write-up thank you. It certainly makes allot more sense. Btw my seats are as far back as they will go. Maybe not on the picture though.
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