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  1. One thing that I am considering doing is desining/3D printing an adaptor kit which would allow use of widely available generic blowers. I think there would be quite an appetite for that since the smiths blowers are getting rare.
  2. I think you may be right about the water factor, thats not something I considered. It could be made with a less agressive profile I suppose. I think if you actually hit someone with a series land rover the vent would be the least of worries.
  3. I used Fusion 360. Its not to hard to learn and I beleive there is a 12 month free license for Hobbyists/DIY'ers.
  4. It protrudes less then the mirrors, the plastic itself is fairly thick. I made the walls from solid 4mm ABS but they could be printed even thicker at 6mm or more. The design could be modified so the scoop would have less protrusion. I made it this way to maximize airflow but I admit its slightly overkill!
  5. I found that the standard Series 3 air grille was ineffective over 30mph as low pressure on the side of the vehicle woulld work against the already asthmatic blower motor. I spent a couple hours a few weekends ago creating a 3D model of the series blower grille with a scoop modification. The scoop allows air to be funneled into the blower motor and increase the output of the heater blower.
  6. I did indeed buy genuine. I had a fish around the hole with a small magnet and found one very small shard of metal but not much else. All is back up and running.
  7. Yes, I was hoping to open up a 22mm spanner which was the largest I had but the RAC bloke told me he did not have a grinder nore was he even allowed to carry one. Infact I was quite surprised at how few tools they actually carry. They seem more geared towards fixing flat batteries and tyres then anything serious. He ended up going back home to collect his own personal collection of spanners, none of which were over the size of 23 anyway.
  8. Well, I had the vehicle towed back. I called the RAC at 6:20pm, it wasn't until 7am the next day that the flatbed turned up. I had slept in car all night with nothing but a t-shirt and thin jacket. by then I thought that I was going into hypothermic shock. They did finally return my call at 6am to tell me that I should buy a coffee or magazine and they would pay me back.. anyway. A few taps with a hammer and chisel was enough to break it free.
  9. I know this topic has been well covered however my variant of this issue was a little more unique. I have been having issues with the ignition no longer turning off the engine for the past week. This happened right after I did a bunch of wiring in the dash so I put it down to a short or bad contact somewhere. I have since been either stalling the engine or pulling the ignition fuse, sometimes just jiggling the ignition key would work. Now, just today whilst idling at a service station (lucky I had just come off the motorway) the engine just cuts out with the igniti
  10. After about a week's use of the defender matrix I have noticed a problem. Because of the way the matrix sits in the series housing, it is now the highest point in the system sitting above the series radiator, allowing air to become trapped. I have managed to removal almost all trapped air however there was allot of "burping", from the radiator. It's not an idea setup, however it does work and the heat output is still very good.
  11. Beauty of the land rovers that is, you can make almost anything fit..
  12. Bit pricy that! I think with Chinese diesel heaters being as cheap as they are, something like that would only interest a collector.
  13. The heater matrix is larger however I doubt it would make much difference as the the series housing and duct placement limits how much air is actually passed over the full surface. I think it's really down to two things, the first being the fact that it's brand new and not clogged up with 40 years of debris and sediment and the second being that it has 19mm hose inlet/outlets instead of 16 which would increase the water flow. Also I should have mentioned that I modified the blower to run on 19v with a step up converter so it blows a Gail. The series matrix could never keep up.
  14. Well after years of persistent leaking, my series 3 heater matrix finally gave up the ghost dumping litres of coolant into the passenger footwell. A simple bypass of the heater core was enough to get home and keep on going until now, however it's been getting unbearably cold.. I've been looking at several guides on retrofitting a defender heatercore assembly into a series 3, however it is not a plug and play solution requiring modification to the electrics/wings/bulkhead as well as actually sourcing a decent defender heatercore in the first place which seem to be either in terrible c
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