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  1. Remember to adjust bump stops. Mine were bottoming out on speed bumps.
  2. Let us know, my back cannot take anymore.
  3. I made a thread about this last year. I fitted quality GME parabolics (Made in UK) and britpart shocks. I was extremely dissapointed. The ride quality was only marginaly softer then the rusted 40 year old leafs they replaced. In the end they did soften up but again compared to a coiler its horrific. I never dug deeper but one thing I did notice was that the Britpart shocks dampen only on the return and not the compression. The stock shocks dampened in both directions, which I assume would actually provide a worse ride. It would be interesting to see what your results are
  4. Yes its 10mm foil lined closed cell foam insulation. It makes a huge difference to noise levels in the cab, I think a roll is around £10 on ebay.
  5. Yes, I run full time on Veg. To avoid the issue you talk of, I thought of adding a bypass valve just before the heat exchange but since I pretty much always run on veg ive never worried about it.
  6. The instructions that came with the Elring gasket were pretty good. They noted that both the threads and heads of the bolts should be lubricated. Anyway, yes I agree. I think the issue may not be "MLS" in itself but the variation in quality between manufacturers. I believe MLS style gaskets have superseded comp and Land Rover now only provide MLS for the 300TDI? I wonder if all of the reported MLS failures have been Britpart or Bearmach gaskets? Has anyone had an actual Victor Reinz MLS fail?
  7. First test run with the Elring comp gasket and everything is back to normal. No more overheating, no more enormous pressure in the cooling system. All good!
  8. I did use brand new bolts this time round. The first time round I used the ones I had which could have been quite old.
  9. I blew out all of the threads with compressed air.
  10. I've heard of several people having issues with MLS which is why I swapped to comp. I find it a design flaw that they don't seem to put any of the coating between the laminations, surley this would provide a route for gases/liquids to escape through tiny imperfections. What you have said makes sense about the bolts. The longer bolts do feel elestic compared to the short ones.
  11. I recently did a full rebuild on my discovery 200TDI converted Series 3. It just completed its 500 mile break in period without any issues. Now, in the last 100 or so miles some strange things have started to happen. The first was the heater core which started leaking, eventually blowing and dumping litres of coolant into the cab. The next thing to go was the radiator. I replaced both as they were over 20 years old and put both failures down to coincidence since there were no other signs to point to HG failure. After another 100 or so miles I noticed that the heater output was errat
  12. One thing that I am considering doing is desining/3D printing an adaptor kit which would allow use of widely available generic blowers. I think there would be quite an appetite for that since the smiths blowers are getting rare.
  13. I think you may be right about the water factor, thats not something I considered. It could be made with a less agressive profile I suppose. I think if you actually hit someone with a series land rover the vent would be the least of worries.
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