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  1. Thanks all for your replies and I am getting the Jigsaw Mats.
  2. Hi I am looking at buying either rubber or EVA foam stable matting to put under the rubber floor mats as additional sound insulation as they are quite cheap to buy. The EVA foam ones look to be a better insulator but will they absorb water being a foam ?. I have just fitted Dynamat to the floor panels and just looking for another cheap layer to put down over it. Has anyone fitted stable matting to the front floor of a Defender 90 who can offer some opinions.
  3. How much pressure is required to push in the plunger against the spring on a brake vacuum pump for a 300TDI Defender. I have just bought a replacement and the plunger has about 2mm play but I cannot push it inward toward the pump flange, even with the plunger against the side of a work bench and pushing hard. Is this normal as I don't really want to take the old one off and find that I have a faulty unit.
  4. Thanks for your replies and I have the blue 20T gear fitted so will just accept the error, but at least it reads higher.
  5. Hi When going through villages with speed recorders the figure shown on the roadside display always appears to be lower than what my speedo shows. Can anyone tell me which colour (teeth number) speedo drive gear I should have in my 300TDI defender 90 fitted with 235/85 R16 tyres and discovery 1.2 ratio transfer box. Thanks
  6. I am trying to get the correct part number of the front stub axle inner seal for my 1994 300TDI 90. The Land Rover parts diagram gives FTC840 or FTC3145 depending on the axle number but I am unable to find the number on my axle. Can anyone confirm which is correct or what the difference is. To confuse things even further, FTC3145 has been superseded by FTC5268 but both part numbers can be bought. I am totally rebuilding the front axles this coming weekend and do not want to put the wrong seals in.
  7. Thanks all for your replies and by Westerns parts listing it should be on there as my chassis No is MA.
  8. Thanks for your reply. What do you mean by lock ?. With the shaft pushed all the way in the CV joint still moves in all directions. The splined part of the CV measures 22mm and the shaft splined length up to the clip ring is 30mm meaning that there is 8mm 'spare' which happens to be the length of the spacer TYF000010. So am I right in thinking that the spacer should be fitted ?
  9. Hi Can someone confirm whether or not a spacer is required on the half shaft when fitting a CV joint to a 1994 300TDI defender 90. Some web sites show part number TYF000010 in the assembly and some don't, some suppliers show the spacer in the kit diagram and some don't. I changed the CV joint many years ago but don't think I used a spacer then but my memory isn't that good. What is the purpose of the spacer and will it cause any problems if it should have one and I don't fit it or it shouldn't have one and I do fit it. Confused ….
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