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  1. Hawklord

    300TDI CV Joint spacer

    Thanks all for your replies and by Westerns parts listing it should be on there as my chassis No is MA.
  2. Hawklord

    300TDI CV Joint spacer

    Thanks for your reply. What do you mean by lock ?. With the shaft pushed all the way in the CV joint still moves in all directions. The splined part of the CV measures 22mm and the shaft splined length up to the clip ring is 30mm meaning that there is 8mm 'spare' which happens to be the length of the spacer TYF000010. So am I right in thinking that the spacer should be fitted ?
  3. Hawklord

    300TDI CV Joint spacer

    Hi Can someone confirm whether or not a spacer is required on the half shaft when fitting a CV joint to a 1994 300TDI defender 90. Some web sites show part number TYF000010 in the assembly and some don't, some suppliers show the spacer in the kit diagram and some don't. I changed the CV joint many years ago but don't think I used a spacer then but my memory isn't that good. What is the purpose of the spacer and will it cause any problems if it should have one and I don't fit it or it shouldn't have one and I do fit it. Confused ….

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