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  1. I found the red/black wire taped up behind the dash, fitted it to the hazard switch and when switched on the triangle now flashes with the indicators 👍. Thanks for all your assistance.
  2. Brilliant and many thanks Western for putting in so much effort for your reply. My hazard switch looks exactly like yours bur doesnt light up when switched on so will need to try and find out why not.
  3. A new flasher unit came with the led lights and has been fitted. It has an adjuster on it but which I think is used to adjust the frequency of the flashes, could this affect the dash light. The hazard switch has a plug in connector in the middle and one wire attached to a side connector, the other side connector has nothing on it, are you saying that this should be connected to earth ? The dash indicator warning bulb is I think the original but I did change some to led's a long time ago so will check and change to led if necessary. When the hazards are switched on is it the same
  4. All four indicators flash at the correct speed when switching on the hazards. What doesn't happen is that there is nothing flashing on the dash to show that the hazards are on and I don't know what should happen.
  5. I had an advisory from the MOT saying that the hazard light warning indicator wasn't working (All four indicators come on when the hazard switch is turned on). What should light up to show that the hazards are turned on, I have replaced the switch and hasn't made any difference. I have recently replaced the indicators with LED's, will this have affected anything ? The vehicle is a 300TDI Defender.
  6. Thanks for your reply and it has the original axle so 552818 it is.
  7. Looking at things which might fail the MOT due in September I am going to replace the lower bushes in the rear shock absorbers but in typical Land Rover style the internet shows 2 different part numbers for these, RNF100090L and 552818 which look completely different in the pictures. Can anyone please confirm the correct part number or does it not matter.
  8. Update - She has started every time since removing and cleaning the connections in the under bonnet fuse box
  9. I have now taken off and cleaned all connections to starter motor and solenoid and removed, cleaned and refitted the big live wire to the under bonnet fuse box. I can't see how to remove the wiring harness wires from the fuse box though. Looking at the wiring diagram is seems that the 60amp fuse feeds both the ignition switch and starter relay but as the ignition circuits are working ok I can only assume that the fuse box is functioning correctly. Have used the vehicle a few times today after the cleaning and it has turned over and started each time but there is that doubt in my mind and time
  10. If that was the case then how does it eventually start by wriggling the live feed wire from starter motor to the under bonnet fuse box which is the other side of the vehicle.
  11. My 1994 300TDI defender has had a starting problem on and off for the past 6 years and has just occurred again after being no problem for over a year. When the key is turned all lights etc come on but at the last position there is absolutely nothing, no clicks can be heard from relays or solenoids and no turning of the starter motor. To fix the problem I have to wriggle the big cable that runs from the under bonnet fuse box to the starter motor and eventually it will start and may be fine for days, months or years. 3 years ago I removed the under bonnet fuse box and cleaned al the connectors a
  12. Thanks all for your replies and I am getting the Jigsaw Mats.
  13. Hi I am looking at buying either rubber or EVA foam stable matting to put under the rubber floor mats as additional sound insulation as they are quite cheap to buy. The EVA foam ones look to be a better insulator but will they absorb water being a foam ?. I have just fitted Dynamat to the floor panels and just looking for another cheap layer to put down over it. Has anyone fitted stable matting to the front floor of a Defender 90 who can offer some opinions.
  14. How much pressure is required to push in the plunger against the spring on a brake vacuum pump for a 300TDI Defender. I have just bought a replacement and the plunger has about 2mm play but I cannot push it inward toward the pump flange, even with the plunger against the side of a work bench and pushing hard. Is this normal as I don't really want to take the old one off and find that I have a faulty unit.
  15. Thanks for your replies and I have the blue 20T gear fitted so will just accept the error, but at least it reads higher.
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