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  1. I am 2 miles south. Thanks landroversforever I wouldn't have worked that one out.
  2. How do I reply to a post and include the original information ?
  3. L19MUD, do you live in Ipswich ?
  4. Thanks for your replies. I have been insured with Adrian Flux with an agreed valuation policy for many years and have never increased the value but asking prices seem to be going up so I thought that it should now be increased. I suppose at the end of the day the valuation needs to be what I would be happy with if the worst were to happen to it.
  5. How on earth do I value my 1994 300TDI Defender for my insurance agreed valuation as looking around the internet they seem to go from £7K up to over £25K.
  6. Brilliant, worked a treat, many thanks for your advice.
  7. After a lot of swearing I have finally replaced the ball joint on the end of the steering arm but now cannot get the spring clip on the bottom of the rubber boot. The clip is two coils of wire and if I put it onto the boot first the boot will not go over the raised part of the arm and if I put the boot on first I cannot get the wire over the bottom of the boot. Is there a certain way to fit the clip that came with the kit or is there something better to use, would it be acceptable to use a small cable tie ?.
  8. FRC7948 has the 90 deg bend and there is one on Ebay but at £38.
  9. Could it be either FTC3698 or FRC7948 ?
  10. Another vote for the hazard switch being the cause as I had a similar problem many years ago.
  11. Has anyone fitted the Britpart DA1129G fulcrum with ball joint or can confirm the manufacturer as all the suppliers just state as OEM.
  12. The length of a wire thread insert is calculated as a multiple of the diameter:e.g. M8 x 2D the insert length = 16mm
  13. Just received the Allmakes thermostat which fits into the adaptor hole perfectly (the first one was a Bearmach). Started the engine to check for leaks and it wouldn't turn off, the fuel solenoid has now failed. The joys of Land Rover ownership 😊
  14. The pin is about 0.5mm larger in diameter and will not go the full depth in the adaptor hole which will mean that the spring will be compressed by about 5mm more than the old one when the thermostat is cold. I have ordered a different brand to see if it is any different.
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