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  1. Any I dear when driving abs & parking light come on. And the rev speedo and temperature gauge all go off.
  2. Abs light,parking light comes on while you driving losses power to rev count speedo counter also power to temp gauge all go off
  3. Any I dear what this is when you driving last about 3 or 4 seconds then goes off
  4. Thanks I will have a look
  5. I've added a booster to it and still not getting a very good signal
  6. Help requires how do you fit sidesteps is it a easy job thanks
  7. How do you replace the wire to the car aerial I think my has got a break in it somewhere thanks
  8. After fitting a new driveshaft do I need to have the tracking checked on a freelander td4 thanks
  9. How easy is it to remove o/s front driveshaft on my 02 freelander td4
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