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  1. received an email this morning from them to say they now have a chassis shop online so looks as though they definitely sell to everyone for marsland sorry dont no how to put it on here but it has the link to the website you have shared on it pete
  2. Sorry to jump on an old post but I was searching for chassis / bulkhead info I bought a marsland chassis for Kdlandrovers a few weeks ago they work are in partnership with marsland and do all the retail for them you just order through them (the lady at marsland gave me the contact details for them and explained how it works. they sell them at the marsland direct price to), this was really helpful for me as I wasn't sure to go with a steel or plastic tank, they advised me and as thy work direct with marsland I was able to order exactly what I wanted. the delivery time was only 2 weeks from ordering and included delivery just wish they did bulkheads to!
  3. Thanks very much I will give them a try!! Pete
  4. Hi completely new to this forum just looking for some advice please where is the best place to get a new galv bulkhead from for 90 300? Took delivery for me new Marsland chassis the other day and have decided if I can get a good replacement bulkhead (that doesn’t cost the absolute earth) I am gonna do that to? Probably should of thought about it before ordering the chassis but Kdlandrovers had them in stock so I got a bit carried away thanks pete
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