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  1. Headlight washer relay working the jets i have removed passenger footwell side panel - i cant seem to find alarm ecu
  2. Actually what i thought was a headlight relay - google says its a headlight washer relay Hella 5WD 005052-00 so i will check this is working
  3. i removed plastic side panel in passenger foot well but couldn't see Alarm only found a headlamp relay and another(cant remember what for) and a yellow 4 pin relay but don't know what this one is for Teabag- what is clocking relay ??
  4. Thanks Relay seems ok The suggestion above problem could be fuse 2, satelite 1 but this is for 1995+ But mine is pre 1995my and the headlight washer fuse is same as dipped beam - which work ok Any ideas ?? Shame no diagram for alarm available as wanted that to fault find why indicators don't flash when arming
  5. For the alarm especially the feed to flashers
  6. Mine packed up when i had to change hazards relay (part no prc8878 ) i'm wondering if if wrongly connected it on the original relay there are numbers ANY HELP really appreciated especially if a wiring diagram available
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