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  1. This is what the front caliper mounting brackets should look like with dual fronts.
  2. It's actually an accumulation of reasons. I agree that the Tiger kits are just too damn pricey. On top of that in order to get one you have to get other people in on a purchase so that they can make a run of them vs Kamo who builds them to order and to whatever PCD you desire. Did you see the picture of what it takes to adapt to dual front calipers? Quite literally it's securing a second bracket and mounting it opposite of the other caliper. That's it. Some reasons for the bolt pattern change were that I already need new tires and my rims are also needing some TLC so at a minimum I'd have needed to deal with that. On top of that I wanted to make sure that I had no interference with the calipers. I know Kamo (Gordan) states they clear the stock rims but I figured I'd use the opportunity to change it up since he is making new hubs. I decided on Hummer H1 12-bolt two-piece rims which are ET50 / 8.25" wide. The rims are not that expensive to source and for the cost of 5 rims from Tiger I was able to get five H1 rims, refurbish them and also get 100% new surplus BFG Baha T/A's in 37x12.5R16.5. Using this bolt pattern also allows me to use Centramatics for the H1 on the hubs so no wheel weights or balance beads. I'm not running the run-flat inserts but I am installing a double beadlock PVC insert into each wheel/tire combo. Also 8x6.5 is a common Dodge and Chevy pattern here so if and when having 16.5's becomes an issue I will have an easier time working out options with that bolt pattern than I would the Volvo pattern. I'll have a wider track but I know a few running 14.5" wide tires on ET65 wheels without issue so I'll just work around whatever issues might arise.
  3. I have a '75 TGB11 that I will be tossing discs on later this year once they arrive so I will post pictures/updates to this thread. Why this thread? Because I have read it at least 10x now and every time I would go back to researching disc options for a c303 it would lead me here...inevitably. The kit is from Kamo Oko Vidi and although he doesn't market dual caliper front setups his kit can accommodate dual front calipers. Hubs are machined to whatever bolt pattern you desire. 5/6 lug bolt patterns are a single hub while 8 lug hubs are two piece. I was going to keep the 8x222,25 pattern but decided to change to 8x165,1. I'll post more as I have it.
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