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  1. Wonder if anyone can help. I am fitting a 4hp22 Auto box in a Volvo military truck. I have mounted an oil cooler for the gearbox and I want to put the oil temp sensor in the circuit somewhere. Does it go before the cooler or after ? Also, which port out of the gearbox is the flow to the cooler and which is the return ? Finally, I have the temp sensor from the disco the engine/box came out of. Is this a switch for a warning lamp or a sensor for a guage. I am hoping it is a simple switch as this will make things easier Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks for the replies. The radiator is well above the thermostat, so thats no problem. The problem I have is I dont have anywhere high enough up to put the expansion tank for it to be higher than the rad and the thermostat housing. All tractors I have worked on just have the radiator, no expansion tank, thats why I was considering it. I presume that as you dont fill the radiator until it is coming out of the cap, then it allows for some expansion. The radiator is considerably bigger than the standard tdi radiator, maybe bigger than the rad and expansion tank combined, so I think it will probably be OK On the tractor, the overflow pipe just goes to the floor, no recovery tank. Do you think I need the recovery tank ?
  3. Hello, I am fitting a 300tdi and autobox from a Discovery into a Volvo 6x6 military vehicle. I have a big radiator out of a Ford 7610 tractor, and ideally I would like to run it without an expansion tank. Has anyone done this with a Tdi engine ? I presume that you would put the heater return into the bottom hose and the little vent pipe from the thermostat housing into the top hose ? Any reason not to do this ? Thanks for your help
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