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  1. I went to take our L322 2006 Range Rover on a beach trip a few weeks ago and found the steering column failed in the locked position. Since I'm not keen on spending $1000 on a used column that may break again, I tried all the tricks I found online. I drilled and oiled the column with no luck. I tried pulling fuse 18 and the module but the column was still locked. Even if I started it I couldn't drive it anywhere and I wasn't happy with having to pull a fuse or flip a switch and then wait 10 seconds every time I started this thing. So, I pulled to column and released the lock. I then figured out I could get 95% normal operation by running the ignition lock into one of the interior lights. Our beach trip was a success and this was essentially a free bypass. I can now start my truck every time with my steering column unplugged as soon as I get in the truck without waiting. All the tilt/button functions are 100% working. The only time you ever notice this has been done is if you turn it off and try to start it again without opening a door. You have to hit the dome light in order to start the truck but those lights come on and stay on everytime you open your door so most of the time you never notice. Hope this gives some of you additional repair options. Let me know if anyone has questions.
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